NRDC has acquired skills to assess and identify the need in order to provide appropriate technologies and has been extensively engaged in the transfer of technologies and services in various African countries. NRDC was involved in setting-up training and demonstration centres of appropriate plant and machineries in Africa viz., Centre for Demonstration and Promotion of Technologies (CDT), Cote d’Ivoire to evolve a strategy stretching towards the following objectives:

  • The development of the local resources and their processing
  • Augmentation of the income levels of the micro entrepreneurs
  • The creation of employment for the youth and women
  • Augmentation of the agricultural production

Indian model of micro and small industries is highly applicable to developing countries. The Corporation was also involved in setting up of Science and Technological Entrepreneurship Park in Egypt. Presently, the Corporation is initiating activities for setting up a pilot research project for tomato production in Ghana.