Engineering Sciences

A Rotary Apparatus Adapted to Perform as a Variable Compression Ratio, IC Engine Or Compressor
A Wet Process for the preparation of Waste PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Modified Bitumen useful for paving applications
Advance Intelligent Robotic Wheel Chair
All Terrain Mobile Robot
An Improved Green Type solar Dryer
An Improved solar cooker
Autonomous Intelligent Robotic Wheel Chair
Bacteriological Water Testing Kit (BTTK) for detection of indicator and emerging pathogens in drinking water
Biogas Plant Operated on Deoiled Cake of Jatropha Seeds
C-BRICK Machine
Cabinet dryer for ginger and turmeric
Cement Based Vermiculite Tiles
Cotton Picking Head
Development of Electromechanical Field Density Gauge for evaluation of Dry Density of the Compacted Fill
Dynamic Multifocal Spectacle Frame
Emergency Restoration System (ERS) for Power Lines
EPS Composite and Doors Shutters
Fluidized Bed Dryer for Agro Crops
Glass Textile Reinforced Concrete Crash Barrier System
Global Clock, Solar Clock, Lunar Clock and Cycle Clock
Gravitational Settling Chamber for Pollution Control in Brick Kilns
Hybrid Combine Harvester
Improved Iron Removal Plant
Inter-Row Rotary Cultivator
Low Cost Power from Biomass
Low Power Vibration Energy Harvester
Mini Climbing Crane
Mobile Bridge Inspection Unit (MBIU)
Multiple PCR Water Testing Kit for simultaneous detection of E.Coli, Yesinia, Enterocolitica and Aeromonashydrophilia in drinking water
NSG Air Chess Game
Offset Rotavator for Orchard
Plant for Shaping of Building Bricks from Inferior Soils-Industrial Waste by Extrusion Process
Pneumatic Precision Planter
Polycem Tiles
Process Technology for Manufacturing of Engineering Components from Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI)
Programmable Irrigation Scheduler
Reconfigurable Micro Factory
Roof Cooling Device
Rotary drum washer for ginger and turmeric
Semi Continuous Biodiesel Plant
Small Tractor- Krishi Shakt
Smart card operated Prepaid Energy Meter
Solar Artifact
Solar Power Tree
Solar Water Heater
Stationary Concrete Block Maker
Stepwise repeated D-stabilization and Stabilization of collapsible soil mass by "Soil Nailing Technique" used for construction of Railway/Road underpasses
Tele-operated Rotary Wing Flying Robot (RWFR)
Toilet Core Unit (TOCO)
Trolley with Jack
Two Speed System for Manually Pulled Rickshaw
Two wheeler Parking System
Utilization of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) in Road embankment