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Area of Technology:Chemical and Allied

Title of the Innovation: Novel Cascaded Membrane System as Import Substitute for Production of ultrapure medical grade water

Brief About Innovation

Ultrapure water is used for preparation of saline water, dialysis water in hospitals, microbial culture preparation in biotech industries and laboratories, battery water etc.

Salient Technical Features including Competing Features:

  •  Low-cost compact hydrophilized polyamide membrane cascaded system for production of Type II/III grade ultrapure water.
  •  The process is more economical and costs approx. Rs. 80,000/- for lab system & Rs. 2.5 lakh for pilot plant (500 L/h).
  •  Compared to conventional separation methods such as evaporation, distillation where the energy consumption and operating costs are very high or can replace even expensive membrane units supplied by multinational companies like Millipore which cost in lacs of rupees.
  •  Maintenance free compared to multinational companies that charge Rs. 1 lakh per annum.