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Area of Technology:Chemical and Allied

Title of the Innovation: Anaerobic Gas Lift Reactor (AGR) – A High Rate Biomethanation Technology for the Generation of Biogas for CHP applications and Bio-Manure from Organic Wastes

Brief About Innovation

The invention is based on efficient high rate anaerobic digester known as ANAEROBIC GAS LIFT REACTOR (AGR) for the generation of biogas and bio manure from organic solid waste. In the high rate anaerobic digestion systems, maintenance of all the important parameters  such as pH, F/M Ratio, C/N Ratio, temperature, inlet slurry concentration etc., is essential apart from gentle mixing of the slurry for efficient organic matter degradation and enhanced methane rich biogas. Therefore, the core design of AGR is based on mixing of slurry in the reactor without the external mechanical mixer and centered on liquid and gaseous hydrodynamics through pressure management across the digester. This technology is superior in terms of biogas and bio manure production. The technology incorporates novel grit removal system and ammonia inhibition mechanism. Installation of biogas based plants for the treatment of organic wastes at waste generation sources based on "AGR" would ensure a cleaner environment