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Area of Technology:Food & Millet

Title of the Innovation: JOWAR FLAKES

Brief About Innovation

Technology Introduction

Jowar flakes are a new type of products. They are not traditional like rice flakes which are known since time immemorial. But jowar flakes are produced on the same lines as rice flakes are produced. The coarse nature of the grain has been the cause for not making the jowar flakes. The flakes were being produced in the olden days by pounding. As jowar is a coarse grain, it was difficult to pound. With the advent of modern machines, flaking has become easy paving way for the production of jowar flakes.


It is suitable specially for preparing deep fat fried (chewda) products such as fried and seasoned mixture. It is also suitable for preparing toasted and seasoned mixtures, energy food, tamarind bhath, upma, sweet/savoury, pongal, sweet gravy (payasam), etc. For the preparation of bhath the flake thickness should be about 0.5 mm and about 0.8 mm to 1.0 mm for the preparation of chewda.

Installed Capacity

  •  Suggested economic unit Capacity - 3000 kg/shift/day
  • Working capacity - 300 days/annum
  • Annual capacity - 900 tonnes
  • Optimum capacity utilization - 70%