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Area of Technology:Engineering Sciences

Title of the Innovation: Hot and Cold Storage

Brief About Innovation

In India there is a paradox when it comes to Food. On one side we have enough food production however; the post-harvest losses in India are immense due to inadequate and improper storage. These foods could have fed hundreds of poor people striving with hunger and poverty. The post-harvest loss is constant at 10% out of which 6% of the total losses are due to improper storage facilities.

A similar scenario is seen in fruits and vegetables, where the postharvest losses account for about 25% to 30% of production. In the absence of a cold storage the farmers are being forced to sell their produce immediately after harvest which results in low price realization. It is estimated that cold storage capacity in India needs to double to minimize food wastage. The other problems related to cold storage are high energy costs in India, along with frequent power cuts. 
Proper storage can prevent a major portion of post-harvest losses. The current storage methods like cold storages or driers are expensive and consume a lot of electricity. The ‘Hot and Cold’ storage system can help conduct cooling applications and drying applications at the cost of one.

Salient Technical Features: Hot and Cold Storage Hot and Cold Storage Hot and Cold Storage Hot and Cold Storage Hot and Cold Storage Hot and Cold Storage

  • The technology relates to utilizing waste heat from cold storage for drying vegetables and storing grains and other products.
  • Waste heat recovery systems for cold storage and refrigerated reefers can have a lot of potentials in the market.
  • It not only saves the food products, but also utilizes the waste heat into drying other.

Application/Uses: Hot and Cold Storage Hot and Cold Storage Hot and Cold Storage Hot and Cold Storage Hot and Cold StorageHot and Cold Storage


AC/Cold storage +20°C to -20°C

 Hot room 40°C to 50°C or above



Vegetables, fruits, milk etc


Drying fruits, vegetables or for storing grains, beans ,pulses, spices, etc .


Milk products, Fruit pulp, Fish &meat,vegetables,etc.

Chemicals/fertilizer, Incubator, warehouse, ripening room.


Pastry, cakes, pizza

Toast, samosa, biscuits.


Freezer/cold/air conditioning System

Stationery, record files, granary.