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Area of Technology:Food & Millet

Title of the Innovation: Process for the manufacture of Whole Ragi Bread & Multi-Millet Bread (loaf type)

Brief About Innovation


Higher proportion of Ragi flour (in whole ragi bread) and multi- Millet flour (in millet bread) is used to prepare novel “non-junk” product. Millet bread prepared using this technology possesses crust and crumb characteristics and sweetness comparable to that of normal bread making it highly acceptable to the customers. Although it consists of wheat flour in its recipe but its unique processing blocks gluten allergic response in consumers making it suitable for celiac disease patients as well besides offering a healthy alternative to brown/white bread to normal consumers.

            Salient Technical Features:

  •    No preservatives are used
  •   No baking powder is added to the bread
  •   It is also possible to prepare “non-junk” pizzas and buns using this technology. 
  •   Shelf-life of  Ragi bread / Millet bread is on par with regular loaf type wheat based breads
  •   Packed, stored, transported and sold similar to wheat bread


  •   Product is beneficial for celiac disease and diabetic patients as present technology blocks gluten allergic response and is having low glycemic index.
  •   Millets in general are rich source of fibre, minerals and B- complex vitamins.
  •   The dietary fibre has health benefits like good bowel movement and reduction in blood cholesterol and sugar.
  •   Besides fibre, millets are also rich in health promoting phytochemicals like polyphenols, lignans, phytosterols, phytooestrogens, phytocyanins. These function as antioxidants, immuno-modulators, detoxifying agents, etc. and hence protect against    age-related degenerative diseases like cardiovascular diseases (CVD), diabetes, cancer, etc.
  •   The technology can be utilized in the rural sector at the cottage/family scale units.