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Area of Technology:Engineering Sciences

Title of the Innovation: Process for the development of polystyrene films

Brief About Innovation

Process for the development of polystyrene films

The matte-finished polystyrene film with a thickness of about 38 (±2) µm by the indigenous process has been developed. The transmission and absorption peaks of polystyrene films were characterized by FTIR spectroscopy. It exhibits the clear peaks of standard polystyrene with good resolution. The homogeneity of the films has been checked thoroughly by measuring 5 different positions of a 25 mm diameter area along with stability.

Applications: Used in rigid food service containers, CD cases, appliance housings, envelope windows, automobile body panel, PL, FT IR wave number calibration and many other products.

Advantages: Simple process, by using the same process it is possible to prepared uniform thickness and indigenous development and no requirement of costly and sophisticated equipments.