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Area of Technology:Engineering Sciences

Title of the Innovation: Deep Ocean Autonomous Video Recording System (DORIS)

Brief About Innovation


The technology offers a low-cost camera system for deployment in seabed upto a depth of 6000m. It can record video footage and take snap shots based on the required time interval. The field of view of the camera system is illuminated LED lighting. The video footage can be used for detecting the movement of seabed organisms and can also be used for surveillance of underwater systems. It can be programmed for autonomous operation and can be released from seabed. Attaching DORIS with other underwater systems can visualize the deployment and activity.

Salient features of the system

  • Rated for 6000m water depth
  • Low cost and ergonomic operation
  • Can record video and photographs autonomously
  • Powered by reliable lithium battery pack
  • Can detect movement of seabed organisms
  • Can be deployed and retrieved independently
  • Can be mounted with other underwater systems as add on equipment

Technology Readiness Level: TRL 7 (Prototype developed, tested and demonstrated)