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Area of Technology:Electrical & Electronics

Title of the Innovation: Saline Water Lantern (ROSHINI)

Brief About Innovation


Off Grid power is becoming much common even for well connected communities Climate changes weather disasters etc have fuelled up the requirement of emergency power systems. With current stark warnings on irreversible global warming, the world is switching over to green and sustainable forms of energy. Taking forward NRDC offers a portable light weight Sea water lantern ROSHNI (Renewable Ocean System for Harnessing Novel Illumination). 

Technical specification & Salient features

  • The lamp can operate continuously up to 12 Hrs for every replacement of sea water.
  • The Electrodes used has a life expectancy of 500 Hrs of lantern usage.
  • In case Sea water is not available 300 ml of tap water can be used with 10 gm of table salt.
  • A higher version of the saline lantern is available with provision for Mobile charging.
  • The team is currently focusing on standardization and mass production possibilities of the equipment and to make it more affordable to the society.
  • The lamp is designed with three lamps which can be used as torch, reading lamp and a USB based mobile charger.
  • Sea water lantern finds it utility among the local communality which has limited access to the power such as the fishermen community and the island population.
  • Also it can be very useful for the community in case of an emergency during natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, earth quakes etc in the event of grid disconnection

Technology Readiness Level:
TRL 8 (Product Manufactured and Technology Demonstrated)