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Area of Technology:Engineering Sciences

Title of the Innovation: Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine(UGC-260)

Brief About Innovation

Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine (UGC-260)

Universal cylindrical grinding generally refers to the cylindrical grinding process applied to the outside or inside diameter of a part.

Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine (UGC-260)

Salient Features:

  • Designed with considerable care to achieve a very high degree of accuracy of roundness and cylindricity on jobs and is suitable for cylindrical, face and internal grinding operations


  • Center Distance : 1000 mm
  • Center Height : 130 mm
  • Table traverse speed : 0 05 50 mm/min
  • Max traverse : 1050 mm
  • Max swivel : -2 to +8 deg
  • Grinding Wheel : 400 x 50 x 127 mm
  • Spindle Speeds : 1800 to 2400 rpm
  • Quill travel : 25 mm

Level Of Development:

• Machine developed, tested & supplied to customer

Status Of Commercialization:

• Ready for Technology Transfer

Major Raw Materials Utilised:

  • Standard materials commonly used such as various categories of steels, rubber, phospobronze, Ferrous & non ferrous etc.
  • Standard components includes Motor, Electrical control elements, Bearings,O-Rings, Circlips, Slideway liner material, Hydromotor, Safety coupling, Disc brake, Grinding & regulating wheel, Librication unit, etc etc.,

Major Plant Equipment And Machines Required:

  • Fabrication facility, Work handling facilities & Assembly tooling’s.
  • General purpose manufacturing workshop equipments like, Turning, Drilling, Boring, Milling, Grinding Machine, Standard pipe bending machine and other.

Techno Economics:

  • UGC-is special purpose machine used for specific applications and does not require techno-economic study

Technology Package:

  • Design & Drawings, Technical Documents, Bill of Materials