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Area of Technology:Engineering Sciences

Title of the Innovation: High Volume Flux Bonded Fly Ash Ceramic Technology for Building Components

Brief About Innovation

First of its kind in India, the process developed utilizes up to 80% by weight of fly ash with certain glass-forming additives to red colored building components such as bricks, pavements, tiles, glazed tiles etc. after firing in the range 850-9500C as in the case of clay products.

The process is adaptable to the traditional brick and tile industry with appropriate mechanization and conserves upto 80% of natural clays and use up to 80% of fly ash. The cost calculations based on the pilot plant demonstration trials show that the price of the fly ash products will be in the similar range as clay products. The plant should be preferably in the premises of the thermal power plants and the process is suitable for pond ash and stored ash as also with dry fly ash. All machineries and the binders/additives are available in the country.

Investment required : Total investment for a plant producing 60,000 bricks/tiles/glazed tiles: Rs.2-2.5 crore. Brick cost Rs.2.50-3.0 per piece, tiles at Rs. 4-5 per piece and glazed products Rs. 6-8 per piece.

Returns /Benefit: 15-18% returns on investment over a period of 5 years.; Validation level: Pilot-scale.; IPR Status: Patented in India.

The technology is available for commercialization.