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Area of Technology:Electrical & Electronics

Title of the Innovation: Plasma Activated Ozone Sanitiser

Brief About Innovation

Conventional methods of hand sanitization include use of soap or soap like materials. This method requires a continuous supply of water & soap solution. The water itself may be the medium for bacteria or virus. Therefore, a way should be found where these shortcomings from conventional hand.

sanitization methods can be eliminated by Using Ozone gas for hand sanitization can be effective in such cases. It first eliminates the need of water. Also nothing needs to be refilled like liquid sanitizers which are quite essential in case of conventional methods.

The Ozone gas interacts with the viruses present of surface of palm. Reactions of ozone leave the surface of palm free from viruses and bacteria. This lead us for the development of the Ozone based Sanitizer.

This process occurs naturally when thunderstorms generate electric discharges and pass them through the atmosphere. When high voltage electricity is passed through Oxygen gas, It gives rise to production of Ozone gas which is highly volatile in nature.

Salient Features:

a) Compact in size
b) Ease of operation
c) Contactless operation
d) Uninterrupted operation as no need of consumables