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Area of Technology:Engineering Sciences

Title of the Innovation: Portable Aerosol Protective Apparatus Protective Equipment for Dental Procedures

Brief About Innovation

A dental handpiece uses high-speed gas to rotate the turbine at high speed, and when used in a patient's mouth, the aerosols and droplets generated are mixed with saliva and even blood.

The aerosols remain suspended in the air for longer durations than the droplets and eventually settle on the surrounding surfaces, patient materials, dental instruments, and the practitioners themselves.

Therefore, all of these are potential sources of transmission of various micro-organisms as fomites. All dental procedures are therefore deemed as Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGP).

TRL Level - 7.


The developed aerosol protective assembly enables dental practitioners to perform dental procedures within a confined space while also functioning as a barrier preventing the spread of droplets and aerosols from the source to the environment. The standard protective measures used in daily clinical practice are insufficient to protect cross infection to other patients and the immediate surroundings.


1. Process know-how
2. Pre-investment studies
3. Feasibility/project reports
4. Detailed engineering
5. Turn-key projects
6. Equity capital participation
7. Training in the operation of plants
8. Raw materials and products testing