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Area of Technology:Engineering Sciences

Title of the Innovation: Small Animal Irradiation Platform

Brief About Innovation

Small Animal Irradiation Platform

Small Animal Irradiation Platform has been designed and developed by INMAS for performing localized, partial body, multi-organ (head, thoracic, hind limbs and whole abdomen), and whole body irradiations to small animals (mice, rats and rabbit) against gamma radiation (Co60 Tele radiotherapy). This can also be used for other gamma energy source such as 137Cs and X-ray irradiators. The shielding designs are optimized to provide proper protection to organs at risk (95% shielding) from high energy gamma radiation. The platform is provided with manual vertical movement for easy setups. A dosimeter for radiation dose estimation is also provided. The animal irradiation using this platform can be continuously monitored using CCTV device. This platform will therefore allow simultaneous localized irradiation of mice or rats or rabbit and efficacy assessment of therapeutic radiation countermeasures agents.

Note*: This technology will be licensed through the bidding process only & the last date of bid submission is 22/03/2022.