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Area of Technology:Life Sciences

Title of the Innovation: Intelligent Real Time Fish Biomass Estimation System (I-BIOMES)

Brief About Innovation

Introduction: The increasing population has put a great demand on source of protein for its consumption. Marine resources offer rich natural source of protein. Increasing demand can result in overexploitation of marine resources, which will in turn result in an imbalance of the delicate marine ecosystem. In such a scenario, fish farming or fish rearing in open sea cages can offer a viable alternative, both ecologically and economically. Present day, fish cage farming is emerging as a feasible means for providing sustainable livelihood for a large number of populations. The demand of increasing food supply can be fulfilled by increasing the yield from the fish cages culture. Traditionally, fish farmers have to kill random fishes in routine to determine their growth. On the other hand, Marine Biotechnologists record the underwater video and depend on post processing technique to do the same. Thus, there is strong demand to develop a system to reduce the human intervention.

I-BIOMES: ”Intelligent Real Time Fish Biomass estimation system (I-BIOMES)” is a field deployable unit to detect the fish, analyze the data for Biomass estimation. The invented system is deployed in the open sea fish cages. On runtime it will select the video grabs as frames to measure the fish length, process it and calculate the biomass. I-BIOMES processes the video grabs and uses AI for length measurement. The Length-Weight Allometric equation which is available for various fish species is used for biomass estimation in real time.

Technology Advantages & Salient Features:

  • The technology involves Indigenous design which yields low ratio of cost/technology.
  • The system is built from open-source electronics which has ease of integration and firmware modification with broad community support.
  • Repair and maintenance of the system is easy due to indigenous system.
  • Non-intrusive method of Biomass Estimation.
  • Runtime fish detection and biomass estimation of stocks.
  • Suitable for any species of reared fish inside the Fish Cage.
  • Adaptable to different marine environments.
  • Long term deployment with renewable charging options.
  • Minimal scheduled maintenance.
  • Size of the output results is less and can easily be exportable to Mobile/PC.