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Area of Technology:Electrical & Electronics

Title of the Innovation: IOT Enabled Technology for Environmental Monitoring using Gas Sensors

Brief About Innovation


Nowadays most of the industries are concerned about the monitoring of hazardous gases. A handheld micro-heater integrated metal oxide (MOX) based electronic interface system for gas sensor has been developed for environmental monitoring such as ammonia and CO Pollutants. It consists of a precise closed loop PI temperature control and a wide range resistance readout circuit.

The overall system is flexible and can be interfaced with integrated sensors having different power requirements and fabrication parameters. Gas sensing film used for gas detection is made of Tin oxide (SnO2). 

The developed detection system is user friendly and user interface is web based for maximum public reach. The data of IoT enabled sensor modules are also compatible for smart phone viewing. Improve safety and quality of life in offices, public places and industries and can be used in environmental and chemical/fertilizer plant monitoring.