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Area of Technology:Engineering Sciences

Title of the Innovation: Continuous Process for Manufacturing Precision Silver Nanowires at Scale

Brief About Innovation


Silver nanowires combine high electrical conductivity with low light extinction in the visible and are used in a wide range of applications, from transparent electrodes, to temperature and pressure sensors. Silver nanowires are raw materials used in manufacturing conducting inks and flexible transparent conductive films (cost effective alternative to indium tin oxide (ITO) films). These applications require large quantity of silver nanowires with precise control on dimensions.  

Globally, nanomaterials are being synthesized with deep interests for last three decades and specifically in the form of utilizable entities over last 5 years. Metal and metal oxide nanomaterials show wonderful properties that are different from bulk form. Currently, more than 99% of the manufacturers of these materials are outside India. In general, India imports most of the nanomaterials. In the recent time, silver nanowires have caught attention due to their suitability for printed and flexible electronics. 

The process technology is continuous and scalable process that recycles unreacted reactants efficiently.


  • Flexible transparent conductive films: High-intensity LEDs‚ touchscreens‚ conductive adhesives‚ solar, sensors  
  • Conductive silver ink: Printed electronics (PE), flexible electronics (FE) 
  • Antimicrobial: Paint, cosmetics, bandages‚ clothing, water purification   
  • Others: catalysts‚ adhesives‚ polymers