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Area of Technology:Engineering Sciences

Title of the Innovation: Indian Tsunami Buoy System-II (Chatur)

Brief About Innovation


CHATUR is one variant of Tsunami Buoy System where the surface buoy is replaced with subsurface buoy. CHATUR buoy remains subsurface safely at approximately 300 m depth below sea surface. The system starts ascending to sea surface whenever it detects the tsunami message. This system also can be enhanced with underwater winch, so that after the passage of the event, the system will revert to the normal mode and again get submerged to the predefined depth and this cycle continues.

Salient features of the technology and applications: 

  • In CHATUR, conventional surface buoy component is replaced by a submerged platform, which is secured from storms and surface traffic. At tsunami event, it ascends to the surface for transmission.
  • The system starts ascending to sea surface whenever it detects the tsunami message from Bottom Pressure Recorder (BPR).
  • Once the subsurface buoy reaches the surface, the system will be in Tsunami mode and the antenna will transmit data to the shore station using satellite communication (IMARSAT, INSAT and Iridium modems).
  • The system even after popping up to the surface will remain intact with the mooring and will behave as a surface moored buoy afterwards.
  • Chatur will avoid the technology dependency and provides the capacity to upgrade, improve the tsunami buoy system in house. The development includes tsunami surface buoy systems with next Generation buoy hull, Low Power Integrated Data Acquisition Module (LIDS) and Indigenized BPR.