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Area of Technology:Engineering Sciences

Title of the Innovation: Met Ocean Buoy System-I

Brief About Innovation

Introduction: The Data Buoys are moored offshore platforms, fitted with meteorological and oceanographic sensors, deployed at specific locations to observe in-situ Met-Ocean data and subsea parameters at regular intervals. Met ocean buoy system type - 1 is a floating platform consisting of FRP hull, instrument container, sensor arms, frames, FRP floats and other met sensors. The central processing unit was developed for rapid data collection during cyclone. The Data acquisition interval, data transmission interval and sampling frequency are configured based on the end application requirements.

Salient Features of the Buoy and applications: 

  • This buoy system is capable of integrating the radiation sensor to monitor the environmental radiation in the field over the sea sectors to track the radioactive plume for the purpose of event detection and source term estimation when the plume transits over the sea-side under off-shore flow condition around the nuclear facilities for continuous radiation surveillance.
  • The buoy system has the facility to transmit data using IMARSAT, INSAT, Iridium and GPRS modems and currently utilizes INSAT and GPRS for data telemetry.
  • This buoy system is mainly used at coastal waters to study the variability of coastal current, wave, temperature and salinity along with other meteorological parameters.
  • It also provides inputs to various models to better predict and improve weather and climate models.