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Area of Technology:Glass & Ceramics

Title of the Innovation: Optical Fiber Bragg Grating (fbg) based sensors

Brief About Innovation


FBG sensors are optical fiber based sensing devices that can measure strain, temperature, pressure, vibration and many more parameters depending on its configuration and design. These sensors are free from electromagnetic interference. Operable in harsh environments where conventional sensors are unusable. These sensors can be used in distributed form i.e. over hundreds of sensors in a single optical fiber and are easily embeddable in structures during fabrication leading to development of intelligent infrastructure.   

It has been observed that users belonging different field, in most cases, requires complete turn-key solutions for their specific applications and therefore, the technology base developed by the Institute will enormously help to provide a total solution starting from the development of the systems to field installation, manpower training and service to different user agencies of our country.  


1.The demand of FBG based Optical sensors in India is growing steadily for distributed sensing of large infrastructure and industrial processes.  
2.Real monitoring of health of large concrete structures by embedding the sensors within the structures during casting and vibration and temperature monitoring of infrastructure in high voltage environment are few examples. 
3.FBG sensors are generally used for process control and structural health monitoring applications.