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Area of Technology:Engineering Sciences

Title of the Innovation: Machine for performing Double Volume Exchange Transfusion -DVET

Brief About Innovation

Machine for performing Double Volume Exchange Transfusion - DVET
Severe jaundice (hyperbilirubinemia) is a common problem amongst newborn infants. Most infants with severe jaundice require only phototherapy but a few do not respond to it and end up requiring a double volume exchange transfusion. Double volume exchange transfusion involves replacing the entire blood volume of the neonate twice over with adult donor blood. In India and other developing nations, a disproportionately high number of jaundiced neonates require double volume exchange transfusions.


  • Automates the manual procedure of exchange transfusion through umbilical vein
  •  Ensured and well calibrated smooth flow of the blood into the baby and out of the baby at all times
  • Reduces the chances of unintended hypervolemia, hypovolaemia, haemodynamic fluctuations
  • Based on double syringe pump technology
  • Biocompatible and disposable fluid flow circuit
  • Air-bubble and clot detection
  • Device can be started again from the same position where it was paused during error.