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Area of Technology:Engineering Sciences

Title of the Innovation: Ambulance Bike - Rakshita

Brief About Innovation

In low-intensity combat areas, immediate evacuation of security personnel of our security and paramilitary forces operating in the Naxal-affected area is always fraught with danger due to heavily IED mined, non-existent roads, congested streets, or interior locations. Soldiers move either on foot or on bikes due to unpaved and narrow roads, to eliminate the risk of being caught in an IED explosion or of a surprise attack. The operational problem of not-well-equipped ambulances and the non-availability of trained medics make the situation even worse to provide medical aid to injured soldiers.

A bike ambulance called “Rakshita” has been developed to overcome the problem and to provide immediate first-aid and fast evacuation of injured, to the nearest health centre. Rakshita comprises a special reclaimable quick fit-in and fit-out “Pillion Casualty Evacuation Seat” made from high strength stainless steel or aluminium alloy. This will be handy in the congested streets and remote locations, where access through ambulance is difficult and time-consuming. The bike can respond to a medical emergency need of patients faster than a four-wheeler due to its functionality and integrated emergency medical support system.

Ambulance Bike-Rakshita is equipped with

  • a first aid box,
  • emergency medical equipment like splints,
  • head immobilizer,
  • oxygen supplying kit.
  • Telescopic I.V. fluid bag-stand and
  • vital physiological parameter measuring equipment with blue tooth communication capability

The vital parameters of the injured can be seen by the paramedic cum driver through the monitor fitted in front of him.


Note*: This technology will be license through the bidding process only & the last date of bid submission is 24-10-2021.