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Area of Technology:Engineering Sciences

Title of the Innovation: Centerless Bar Turning Machine

Brief About Innovation

Brief Description

The centerless bar turning machine provides peeling operation for hard materials like Titanium alloy/ Super-alloy/ Special alloys. The machine is able to provide rough and finish turning in a single pass. The machine also has features like Integrated Turning & Burnishing process, auto loading & Unloading system.


Bar Length

2000 -4000 mm

Diameter of Black Bar

12 -38 mm

Depth of cut

0.5 mm to 2.5 mm

Tolerance of the Turned Bar

ISO h9

Ovality on Turned Bar

0.020 mm or less

Surface finish on Turned Bar

0.8 μ

Spindle Speeds

200 to 1000 rpm


Potential areas of Applications

Preparation of raw material in the form of machined bars as input material to single spindle and multi-spindle lathes and centre less grinding machines. The machine can also be used in auto industries, general engineering and other strategic sectors.

Major Raw materials Utilized:

 • Standard materials commonly used such as various categories of steels, rubber, phosphor bronze, Ferrous & non ferrous etc.

• Standard components include Motor, Electrical control elements, Bearings-Rings, Circlips, Fasteners, bellows, Slideway liner material etc.

Major Plant Equipment and Machines required:

• Fabrication facility, Work handling facilities & Assembly tooling’s.

• General purpose manufacturing workshop equipments like, Turning, Drilling, Boring, Milling, Grinding Machine, Standard pipe bending machine and other.