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Area of Technology:Engineering Sciences

Title of the Innovation: Centerless Grinding Machine

Brief About Innovation


Centerless grinding machine is designed mainly for through feed grinding, but the machine can be also be converted into plunge grinding or CNC version mode. The machine has a stationary grinding wheel head and a work rest which moves along with the regulating wheel head.The machine can be utilized for grinding both soft as well as brittle parts and can be used for grinding a variety of high precision components such as motor shafts, valve spools, piston rods, cylinder sleeves, plungers, shock absorber shafts, gear box shafts, preparing bright bars as raw materials for multi-spindle operations etc. to a high precision



Work piece diameter

Max: 150mm

Min : 8.5mm

Grinding wheel


New: 610mm (24")

Worn: 410mm (17")

Grinding wheel width                        

508 mm (20")           

Grinding wheel Bore diameter                       

304.8mm (12")

Grinding surface speed                       

33 m/min    

Regulating wheel diameter

New: 355.6mm (14")

Worn: 280mm(11")

Regulating wheel width

508 mm (20")

Regulating wheel Bore


203.2mm (8")

No. of regulating wheel speeds             

Infinitely variable

Speed range                                

20 to 300 rpm 

A C Induction Motor Power


1470 RPM      

Lower Slide travel, max


Upper slide travel, Max

115 mm

Maximum swivel to front                     

2 deg.                       

Maximum swivel to rear                     

2 deg.                       

Pump motor for truing systems    

Power: 1.5 kw                                      

speed:  1460 rpm

Pump motor for hydro static bearings 

Power: 5.5 kw                                     

 speed:  1460 rpm

Coolant system


Tank capacity: 600 litre

Pump Capacity: 200 lpm

Pump motor: 0.5kw                             

Weight of Machine



Major Raw materials Utilized:

• Standard materials commonly used such as various categories of steels, rubber, phosphor bronze, Ferrous & non ferrous etc.

• Standard components includes Motor, Electrical control elements, Bearings,O-Rings, Circlips, Slideway liner material, Hydromotor, Safety coupling, Disc brake, Grinding & regulating wheel, Lubrication unit, etc.


Major Plant Equipment and Machines required:

• Fabrication facility, Work handling facilities & Assembly tooling’s.

• General purpose manufacturing workshop equipments like, Turning, Drilling, Boring, Milling, Grinding Machine, Standard pipe bending machine and other.