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Area of Technology:Engineering Sciences

Title of the Innovation: SUKSHM 3D microfabrication system

Brief About Innovation

SUKSHM 3D microfabrication system can realize the complex micro parts at very low operation and maintenance cost. The overall system comes with control software along with mechanical and electrical drawing and Fabrication parameters for general purpose and biocompatible resins

Salient Features:

The revolutionary micro-fabrication system enables complex 3D ultra-fine solids to be made in a short time by means of spatial light modulation technique.

  • A UV-curable resin having a hitherto unachieved resolution is cured at a super-precision resolution by a high-precision digital light exposure mechanism.
  • 3-D structures are created by the layer-by-layer forming method, under which 3-D ultra-fine solids are formed automatically by repeated light exposure and resin coating.
  • Ultra-fine Features down to 10μm level cab be fabricated
  • Layer thickness can be optimized to 5μm level so that staircase effect can be eliminated with continuous exposure of UV projection.


Minimum feature size


Maximum print size

14X8X25mm extendable to 42mm x 24mm x 50mm

Layer thickness

5um to 100μm

Z axis accuracy


Clean room class


Ambient Temperature

250 C +/-20C Level

Major Raw materials to be utilized:

Aluminum for fixtures and sheet metal for enclosure Vibration isolation system linear slide and DMD DLP light engine with suitable optical components.

Major Plant Equipment and Machines required:

CNC milling machine and a turning center, Grinding machine, Clean room class 1,00,000 with compressed air supply for assembly and process validation. Clean bench for rinsing the micro parts

Precision measurements systems like optical microscope and laser-based CNC stage inspection systems, Characterization facility for process validation.