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Area of Technology:Engineering Sciences

Title of the Innovation: Ultra Precision Turning Machine

Brief About Innovation

Ultra Precision Turning Machine is used for performing Single Point Diamond Turning machining process to achieve optical surface quality on ferrous, non-ferrous and infrared materials. Salient feature of  the machine are as follows:-

•High Stiff Hydrostatic Oil Bearing Slides

•Ultra Precise Aerostatic Spindle

•Independent Slide configuration

•Integrated chiller for thermally stable slides and spindle


System Configuration

Ultra-Precision three axes (X,Z,C) CNC Turning machine  with independent slide, “T” axes configuration

Workpiece capacity

Dia.: 250 mm, Length:150 mm


Vibration Isolation

Isolated-dual frames for the Granite base and optimally located pneumatic isolation system with active leveling.

Computer System Specifications

Intel core i3 3.5 GHz with 8 GB DDR3 RAM and 500 GB hard disk runs on windows -7 Professional 64-BIT operating software.

Control System

Open Architecture Motion Controller with Adaptive Control Technology

Programming Resolution


Functional Performance (As measured with laser interferometer & white light interferometer on same part)

Surface Roughness (Ra) < 2 nm, Form Accuracy (P-V) < 0.3 micron for 75mm diameter of convex sphere (ROC-250mm). Material- AL 6061 T6 alloy 

Dimensions (Machine Footprint)

2.3m  L X 1.7m H x 1.1m W