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Area of Technology:Engineering Sciences

Title of the Innovation: Abrasive Flow Finishing Machine

Brief About Innovation

Abrasive Flow Finishing Machine is used for smoothening the rough surfaces by subjecting the workpiece through a semisolid media and providing finishing touches on a Micro and Nano scale.  The machine can be applied to a wide range of finishing operations that will provide uniform, repeatable, predictable results.


Height of the component

10 to 300mm

Hydraulic Pressure Range

15 to 100 bar

Media Cylinder Bore Diameter

150 mm

Media Piston Stroke

250 mm


Visco elastic abrasive laden polymer


Mini PLC-HMI Based Level


3000 X 3000 X 2500 mm


2.5 Tons

Max. Opening between Tool Plates

300 mm

Distance between Clamp Columns

400 mm

Hydraulic Specification (HP, gpm, tank size)

3Phase, 415V, 5.5KW (7.5HP)

Vane pump, Variable flow and pressure, 25±2LPM

SS Tank 125 Ltr

Hydraulic Cylinder Size

Lift Cylinder : 100 bar (100 bore Ø X 45mm rod Ø X500mm Stroke)

Hydraulic Cylinder : 100 bar (100 bore Ø X 45mm rod Ø X250mm Stroke)

Min./max Hyd. Flow Rate

0-200 Kgf/ (Relief Valve)

Media Capacity (cubic inches)

270 (cubic inches)

Media Flow Rate

14.5 mm3/Sec @ Dia 5mm X Length 20 mm,

With Media Viscosity of 20000 Pa-s


Major Raw materials Utilized:

• Standard common materials.

• Standard hydraulic components like actuators, power pack system, connecters etc.

• Standard electrical components like sensors, PLC controllers, HMI units, electrical etc.

• Visco-elastic abrasive polymer material.

Major Plant Equipment and Machines required

• General purpose manufacturing facilities like lathe, Milling and grinding etc.