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Area of Technology:Herbal / Home/ Personal / Hygiene Care

Title of the Innovation: Herbal Mosquito Repellent Larvicide

Brief About Innovation

Mosquito is major problems in tropical and subtropical countries like India. Most of the diseases transmitting Mosquito species breed in closed water source. Mosquito like Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus often breed in containers found in and around the houses. Managing mosquito at breeding sites is more effective option of mosquito management program. Therefore, effective mosquito ovicide or larvicide products have special niche in the market. However, alternative of chemical insecticides are highly appreciated due to the hazardous impact of insecticide to the environment.      

Herbal Mosquito Larvicide has been developed for killing the mosquito larvae at the breeding site itself. The EC formulation can be sprayed in recommended dose at probable breeding site like municipality drains, rain water depositing site like containers, tree hole and other probable areas.

Salient technical features:

•    Effective formulation for killing mosquito larva 
•    Herbal formulation
•    EC formulation miscible in water 
•    The production processes of the product are completely green and use no any chemicals.