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Area of Technology:Herbal / Home/ Personal / Hygiene Care

Title of the Innovation: Anti-Acne Face Cream

Brief About Innovation

Face skin is very sensitive and is always exposed to outer environment. Atmospheric humidity, temperature, dust act rigorously on face skin. Such exposure causes various skin issues in humans. Human sheds thousands of skin cells every hour. The dead cells should not stick on the skin as it can block the skin pore and encourage forming acne, wrinkles etc. To protect the face skin from those factors, many face creams are available in the market; however, most of them are synthetic and costly.

NRDC is offering a new face cream from the common plant materials, which provide immediate effect and significantly reduce the acne, scar of the face skin, giving a glowing appearance of the face.  
Advantages of the technology are as follows:

•    The product is purely herbal
•    The cream generates pleasant smell
•    Initial input of production is lower
•    Raw materials are easily available
•    Efficacy is high