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Area of Technology:Herbal / Home/ Personal / Hygiene Care

Title of the Innovation: Herbal Drug for management of Arthritis (Anti- Arthritis)

Brief About Innovation

‘ANTI-ARTHRITIS’, formulated as an ointment effective in both Rheumatoid arthritis and other joint pains. The raw materials of the product are from edible plants widely occurring in NE India. 

This product has been thoroughly investigated on collagen induced arthritic mice model to establish its efficacy and found that the pro-inflammatory cytokines significantly reduced in the treated mice.

    Broad spectrum activity: Effective against osteo and rheumatoid arthritis.
    External     application:    Recommended    to    use topically on joint that effected with arthritis.
    Herbal ingredients: The active ingredients are derived from plant sources.
    Side effects: No adverse effects are anticipated.
    Low    cost    technology:    Economically    viable technology.