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Area of Technology:Herbal / Home/ Personal / Hygiene Care

Title of the Innovation: Herbal Hand Clear Gel

Brief About Innovation

The hand wash which are commonly available in the market are in the liquid form having certain disadvantages. It fails to kill human health connected microbes as well as occupies more spaces during transportation and possibility of damage of the product. In order to minimise the inefficiency against microbes and damage of the liquid form, a new product i.e. “Hand Clear”- an aloe vera based with silver nano particles added hand wash tube has been developed to overcome the advantages over liquid form. Silver nanoparticles can prevent bacteria from growing on or adhering to the surface. It inhibits the growth and kills several pathogenic and nonpathogenic bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and viruses with the graft provide better antimicrobial activity. Due to those certain advantages, a little portion of Silver nanoparticles are added to newly developed “Hand clear” for superior performance.