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Area of Technology:Engineering Sciences

Title of the Innovation: Mini Climbing Crane

Brief About Innovation

This is a light duty Crane for material handling with a lifting Capacity-1000Kg at 1 metre radius and 250 kg at 4 metre radius to a height of about 40 metre. Hoisting speed is 20 metre/minute (max.). It needs no anchorage with nearly building/structure during use. Crane loads transferred on roof at soft location i.e. close to the walls. Capable of being split into number of sub-assemblies for ease in transportation from one stores to another. Quick fastening device help speedy assembly of crane. Multistoryed buildings (upto ten storeys) can be constructed by shifting the crane storey. Mobile under-carriage helps the crane in making several lift in a day at different places. Operation and maintenance is simple power requirement is 3.75 KW.