Capacity, TPA 30
No.of Shifts / day 3
Working days / Yr 300
Land Area, m2 25,000
Pond area, m2 22,000
Covered Area, m2 180
Managerial 2
Skilled 10
Unskilled 30
(Tonne per Tonne of Product)
Sod. carbonate 3.5
Sod. nitrate 1.8
Pot. sulphate 0.4
UTILITIES(Per Tonne of Product)
Power, KwH 13,000
Water, KL 2,700
Fuel (LDO), KL 4.0
Spray Drier Filter press
Vibro Energy Separator Agitator
Spirulina Plankton is a blue-green vegetable micro-algae found in the highly alkaline lakes of Africa and Maxico. The natives of these places have been using Spirulina as part of their diet for centuries. Today, Spirulina cultivation is becoming a world-wide phenomena owing to its extraordinary nutritional qualities. The various considerations that highlight the importance of Spirulina under present day context are:
  • The only single, natural source providing the highest amount of protein ever known to man is spirulina which contains 71% protein. The protein content in spirulina is three times that of soybean, five times that of meat, and the protein quality is among the best with a good degree of aminogram. The protein yield per unit area per year is the highest compared to other protein yielding crops.
  • Like all other microbial cells, Spirulina contains all natural vitamins including the 'B' complex range, minerals and growth factors including gram-linolenic acid (highest after milk and ‘evening prime rose oil‘ ). It contains the highest amount of b -carotene a precursor of Vitamin 'A'. It is the only vegetable source of vitamin 'B12' containing two and half times that of liver.
  • The concentration of nucleic acids is among the lowest recorded for microbial cells considered as food or feed.
  • The other micro organisms including those pathogenic to humans and other animals are eliminated in the production process of spirulina due to its requirement of a very high alkaline growth medium.
  • Spirulina's preference for tropic and sub tropic climatic conditions offers a best land use in arid areas.


FOOD SUPPLEMENT -The World Health Organisation has found Spirulina to be an excellent food for human consumption and Spirulina has the approval of the Food & Drugs Authority of the United States for being sold as a natural food. In Japan and in the United States, business executives take spirulina tablets to combat stress. Athletes and joggers take spirulina for quick energy synthesis.
- Non insulin dependent diabetes,Cholesterol control, Vitamin A, deficiency & malnutrition, Adjunct to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, Formulations with other natural products as a general health supplement., Liver corrective for liver disorder, Burns therapy, skin grafting, Control obesity, Lactating agent for mothers.
Beta-carotene for medicinal & laboratory use, C-phycocyanin colouring agent in food, microbiological areas cosmetics, C-phycocyanin - colouring agent in food, cosmetics, etc. Chlorophyll - colouring agent, Essential aminoacids - for microbiological & chemical essays.
Speciality feed for aquarium fish, Colour enhancement feed for Gold fish, Formulation with existing feeds for augmentation of vitamins, High protein feed for table variety fishes (fresh water), Special feed for shrimp farming.
Feed to increase yield in mulberry consuming silk worm, Speciality feed for breeding and culturing various insects used for research.
Spirulina in pimple lotions, Facial asks, Hair oil, Shampoo, Mineral bath, Skin cleaner, Tooth paste.



Spirulina Cultivation essentially consists of four major steps which are


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