Acido Whey

Whey, which is considered to be a waste product in the dairy industry during preparation of  paneer, can now be converted into useful healthy drink.  The whey contains 6 to 7% of total solids comprising of approximately 70% of lactose, 0.9% of protein and trace amount of water-soluble vitamins, minerals and fat.. This healthy drink has three weeks shelf life under refrigeration. It is much cheaper in cost compared to the other known and available beverages or, carbonated drinks.

Continuous Khoa Making Machine

It is a three stage thin film scraped surface heat exchanger (SSHE) known as continuous khoa making machine  which has been designed  developed to process low fat  milk having 2%, 3%and 4%  fat besides standard fat of 5.5%.The body,  texture, and flavour  of the product  at all fat levels  are compatible  to product made  by conventional method. The colour of the product obtained through this  process is  very much superior to that made  from conventional methods.

Herbal Ghee

Developed  for the first time whereby the active component of the herb Arjuna can be incorporated into ghee without essentially altering the sensory status of the later. The  product is obtained by optimization of herb powder and SNF and ripening process of cream so as to obtain herbal ghee with optimum functional properties and sensory quality. The sensory score for suspeneded solids ranged from 9.0 to 9.9 (max. score, 10). It decreases the level of triglycerides and cholesterol, and recovers the levels of HDL.

Long Shelf Life Paneer

A new  process permits conservation of milk solids without loss of whey and offers higher yield of paneer with product safety .The shelf life  of the paneer is  3 months at room temperature. The yield obtained  by this process is 35-40 %  compared to conventional process which gets 15-22 % yield. Further Whey Solids  are  retained in the product, thus no problem of whey disposal. 

Low Fat Gulabjamun Mix

A new method has been developed   wherein   process of deep  frying of gulabjamun has been eliminated. The new product formulation has  been developed by optimizing  ingredients  in such a way  that gulabjamun balls  made from dough  can  be baked in conventional oven or  microwoven thereby eliminating  the need for conventional frying. The product can be stored  at room temperature  safely up to 3 months.

New Colour Based Detergent Testing Kit

A new  colour based qualitative method  has been developed  for detection of  detergents in milk. A notable change in the colour occurs, purple  colour in lower layer indicates  absence  of detergent while blue colour   in lower  phase indicates  presence of  detergent in milk. The results are available in  10 minutes  and method  does not require  expensive  equipment. Method can detect the  presence of 10 mg  commercial  anionic  detergent (LABOLENE) in 100 ml of pure  milk. This sensitivity is two fold  higher  compared to  earlier  method developed.

Probiotic Dahi

The process uses lactobacilli as well as mesophilic dahi cultures.  It is stable at refrigeration temperature and is simple and convenient to use. The additional processing cost is very nominal which is approximately not more than Rs. 10/- per Kg. It has number of advantages like reduces cholesterol level, improves digestion and nutrient absorption, reduced blood cholesterol and allergy risk and reduces risk of urinary tract infections.

Sugar Free Rasogulla

The technology provides an opportunity to utilise whey, which is  a by-product of paneer, can be used as  dipping medium with artificial sweetener instead of sugar syrup. Cost of production of Rasogulla is cheaper than conventional Rosogulla. This diabetic or  sugar free rasogolla has  3% fat and 2% sugar  as compared to 5% fat and 37% sugar in conventional rasogulla. Shelf life of the product is 60 days & 30 days under refrigerated conditions packed in glass bottles and PET jars, respectively.