Technology Transfer



Technical Official: Ashish K. Srivastava

Sl.No. Name of Process About the Process Area of the technology
1 Production of Various Gluconate Salts by Fermentation Technology

A fermentation process for the production of various Gluconate Salts having several pharmaceutical, agricultural and other industrial applications

Gluconates have several established pharmaceutical and other industrial applications. As Calcium, Ferreous, Copper, Maganesium, Managanese and Zinc Salts these find use for oral and injectable metal ions supplement for human, animals and agriculture use. Sodium Gluconate being an excellent metal sequestrant find application as metal or bottle cleaning
agent. It has the ability to slow the process of cement polymerization at reduced moisture conditions and has been used as additive by cement industry in Europe and Japan.

Now-a-days all chelated metals applied in agriculture are being replaced by Metal Gluconates like Calcium Borogluconate, Copper Gluconate, Magnesium Gluconate, Manganese Gluconate and Zinc Gluconates, providing safer & higher crop yields.

Fermentation Tech
2 Cost Effective Media for the Mass Production of Bacillus thuringiensis

The Know how offers a process for the mass production of Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) strain through a cost effective and simple method. The technology comprises of a novel mass multiplication methodology of a potent Bt strain, including the growth medium and production procedure there of. The process is efficient and economical at large scale.

Recently the use of biocontrol agents for managing agricultural pests has stimulated interest worldwide. The bacterium, Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) has been found as one of the most promising bioagent for controlling many insect pests. The host specificity and environmental safety of this bioagent made it as a successful biopesticide for controlling insect pests of agricultural and horticultural crops as well as forests.

3 Novel Bifunctional Chimeric Keratinase Enzyme from Bacillus sps.

A simple and novel process of production of chimeric bifunctional keratinases possessing transpeptidase, glutaminase, protease and keratinase activity.

This bi-functional enzyme has applications in number of industries such as an ungual enhancer in Pharmaceutical Industry, for de-bittering of amino acids during soy sauce processing and to increase the umami taste of Japanese Tea in Food Industry, for cell-free feather meal preparation in Feed Industry, for de-hairing of hides in Leather Industry, for decontamination and hydrolysis of meat as well as softening of meat in Meat Industry and also useful in Textile & Detergent Industries.

Enzyme Tech
4 Azolla Based Animal Feed Pellets A novel process of production of Azolla Based Feed Pellets for Cattle, Poultry, Fish and other farm animals. The feed pellets are nutrient rich and contains many vitamins and minerals. The process is cost effective, easy, and ecofriendly. During feeding trials of livestock animals an increase in the production of milk, meat and egg has been observed. The technology also includes the method of cultivation of a stress tolerant variety of Azolla, with high biomass and nutrient content. Animal Feed
5 Coimmobilization of Detergent Enzymes onto a Plastic Bucket and Brush for Their Application in Cloth Washing

A simple and novel process of immobilization of various enzymes onto the Plastic surfaces, like, Bucket and Brush useful for providing good and clean washing of clothes by cheaper detergents like those by expensive ones.

Thus, washing clothes with these plastic products containing immobilized enzymes gives good results with ordinary and cheaper detergents

Enzyme Tech
6 Synthetic Milk Detection Kit A simple and novel process for the production of a ready to use kit for the detection of chemical adulterants in synthetic milk. The kit is portable and useful for the detection of urea, caustic soda and detergents. The kit can be readily used at household and in the field with much ease. Detection time of the kit is very less and instant results can be obtained on the addition of the reagents to the specimen milk. The shelf life of the kit is six months when kept at room temperature. Its advantage over other currently available kits is that it is very cost effective and does not require any sophisticated instruments. Milk Test Kit


S. No Technology Description Discipline
1 A process for dyeing of coir with natural colours Dyes from vegetable materials used for dying of coir yarn, coir mats and mattings. It can replace the synthetic dyes and avoid pollution to the effluents of dyeing. The dyes extracted from Cinnamon, Red Sandal, Nalpamara, Pomegranate, Gall nut, Turmeric, Bixa orellanda (Annato), Tea, Coffee, Henna, Hibiscus, Onion, Teak, Pappaya, Marigold, Nutmeg, Grape, etc. Coir
2 Process of manufacturing yarn of fine quality (runnage > 1000 m/kg) to producing diversified products 2 ply fine quality coir yarn of runnage >1000mtrs/kg which is low weight and high runnage used for manufacturers of coir matting and coir mats and handicrafts Coir
3 Biochem treatment for softening of coir fibre For manufacture of Softened coir fibre
The disadvantage of mechanically extracted fibre is its inconsistent colour and harsh texture due to the variation in maturity of husk. The Biochem treatment for quality improvement of machine extracted coir fibre is carried out in open areas. It is a zero effluent process and cost effective. The treatment of coir fibre with selected strains of bacterial cultures in Biochem solution is capable of degrading aromatic compounds which are phenolic in nature yielded a fibre exhibiting a higher degree of light fastness and a softer feel which is advantageous to women spinners.
4 Cocolawn - Readymade natural Lawn A ready made lawn of natural grass consists of:  a layer of netting material made of coir, a single or plurality of non- woven layers and a layer of fertilizer of treated coir pith (CPROM) and natural grass on the coir pith layer. The netting can be placed on a sheet made of plastic material such as polyvinyl chloride or polythene. Non-woven layers provide thickness to the lawn and allow grass roots to get entangled in the non woven material.  The layer of coir pith gives a support base to grass. Coir pith layer can be treated with other nutrients such as mushroom seeds and urea etc. and allowed to mature till the weight is substantially reduced as lignin is consumed by fungi or mushroom seeds. Readymade lawn can be made in the form of rollable blankets, which can be laid on any surface. Coir
5 Coirret-Innoculant for Retting Coconut Husks Retting by the conventional methods takes 6 to 10 months. The new process developed relates to reducing the period of retting of coconut husks and upgrading the quality of unretted green husk coir fibre treatment by treatment with a combination of bacterial cultures.  The coirret is a consortium of microbes and is applied directly to coconut husk in RCC tanks. In this method, the retting time is reduced from 7-11 months to 3 months only and the quality of fibre is the same as natural retted fibre obtained from the backwaters.  Coir
6 Pith Plus A technology named as Pithplus has been developed for the bio-conversion of coir dust in to a very useful organic manure which has application in agriculture and horticulture industry. The product obtained after bio-conversion has excellent properties of being used as growing medium especially in soilless containers for growing high value horticulture crops. Coir pith manure offers to be an ideal soil re-conditioner, soil structure improver and soil substrate with excellent water holding capacity. Coir
7 A process for treatment of coconut fibres with oil-in-water emulsion The process comprises of preparation of an emulsion of castor oil and urea is added as a moisturizer that is sprayed with a sprayer on the fibres and left under piling conditions for 24 hours.  During this period, the fibres become soft and suitable for spinning.  It has been found that this new process increases the production by 10%.  Further, the process does not generate any effluent besides being user friendly. Coir
8 A Mobile Coir Fibre Extraction Machine The industry feels that there is an untapped stock of husks in the rural areas from where collection is difficult as onsite defibering is not possible.  Therefore there is a need to develop a mobile fibre extraction machine which could be taken to the remote villages so that vast untapped potential for utilization of husks from such areas could be tapped. A Mobile Fibre Extraction Machine has been developed that can be taken to remote areas where husks are available for fiber extraction in a simple way.  Coir



New Colour based detergent testing kit:
A new colour based qualitative method has been developed for detection of detergents in milk. A notable change in the colour occurs, purple colour in lower layer indicates absence of detergent while blue colour in lower phase indicates presence of detergent in milk. The results are available in 10 minutes and method does not require expensive equipment. Method can detect the presence of 10 mg commercial anionic detergent (LABOLENE) in 100 ml of pure milk. This sensitivity is two fold higher compared to earlier method developed.

Long shelf life paneer:
A new process permits conservation of milk solids without loss of whey and offers higher yield of paneer with product safety .The shelf life of the paneer is 3 months at room temperature. The yield obtained by this process is 35-40 % compared to conventional process which gets 15-22 % yield. Further Whey Solids are retained in the product, thus no problem of whey disposal.

Sugar Free Rasogulla
The technology provides an opportunity to utilise whey, which is a by-product of paneer, can be used as dipping medium with artificial sweetener instead of sugar syrup. Cost of production of Rasogulla is cheaper than conventional Rosogulla. This diabetic or sugar free rasogolla has 3% fat and 2% sugar as compared to 5% fat and 37% sugar in conventional rasogulla. Shelf life of the product is 60 days & 30 days under refrigerated conditions packed in glass bottles and PET jars, respectively.

Probiotic Dahi
The process uses lactobacilli as well as mesophilic dahi cultures. It is stable at refrigeration temperature and is simple and convenient to use. The additional processing cost is very nominal which is approximately not more than Rs. 10/- per Kg. It has number of advantages like reduces cholesterol level, improves digestion and nutrient absorption, reduced blood cholesterol and allergy risk and reduces risk of urinary tract infections

Herbal Ghee
Developed for the first time whereby the active component of the herb Arjuna can be incorporated into ghee without essentially altering the sensory status of the later. The product is obtained by optimization of herb powder and SNF and ripening process of cream so as to obtain herbal ghee with optimum functional properties and sensory quality. The sensory score for suspeneded solids ranged from 9.0 to 9.9 (max. score, 10). It decreases the level of triglycerides and cholesterol, and recovers the levels of HDL

Acido Whey
Whey, which is considered to be a waste product in the dairy industry during preparation of paneer, can now be converted into useful healthy drink. The whey contains 6 to 7% of total solids comprising of approximately 70% of lactose, 0.9% of protein and trace amount of water-soluble vitamins, minerals and fat.. This healthy drink has three weeks shelf life under refrigeration. It is much cheaper in cost compared to the other known and available beverages or, carbonated drinks.

Low Fat Gulabjamun Mix
A new method has been developed wherein process of deep frying of gulabjamun has been eliminated. The new product formulation has been developed by optimizing ingredients in such a way that gulabjamun balls made from dough can be baked in conventional oven or microwoven thereby eliminating the need for conventional frying. The product can be stored at room temperature safely up to 3 months.

Continuous Khoa making machine :
It is a three stage thin film scraped surface heat exchanger (SSHE) known as continuous khoa making machine which has been designed developed to process low fat milk having 2%, 3%and 4% fat besides standard fat of 5.5%.The body, texture, and flavour of the product at all fat levels are compatible to product made by conventional method. The colour of the product obtained through this process is very much superior to that made from conventional methods.

Food & Agro

Sl.No. Technology Description Discipline
1 Extraction  of Azadirachtin from  Neem Seed and Pesticide Formulation A process has been developed for extraction of Azadirachtin from Neem Seeds. The commercial production of Azadirachtin by this process is going to have a tremendous effect on the environment as well as on the crops produced  and going to change the scenario in the use and applications of various pesticides/insecticides.    The process developed has several advantageous over other processes, one of the major advantages is that the azadirachtin is separated out by precipitation instead of concentrating the solution by evaporation and recovery of the solvent. Agriculture
2 Heat, light and storage stable Azadirachtins and its formulation An improved process has been developed for the preparation of storage stable reduced azadirachtin under ambient conditions. Reduced derivatives of Azadirachtin are natural origin neem biopesticide, which are considered as environmentally safe alternative to synthetic pesticides. Reduced Azadirachtin was far more stable than Azadirachtin. Like Azadirachtin, reduced derivatives retain the antifeedant and insect growth regulatory properties. These have been found equally effective to combat fungal and nematode infestation in horticultural and agricultural crops and for mosquito control. Agriculture
3 Polymeric Seed Coats This technology relates to the development of polymeric seed coats with the azadirachtin-A for improving the shelf life and germination of seeds and enhancing the overall seed quality, plant viability and vigour. Prevents the fungal / nematode/insect infestation that is a pest for the agronomic plant and against which a meliacin compound has bioactivity.  Agriculture 
Nitrification Inhibitors The present invention reports the development and use of potential nitrification inhibitors and their compositions for improving Nitrogen Use Efficiency and a process of obtaining such products. The compounds are effective as nitrification inhibitors/ slow N release products and are cost effective. Agriculture
Super-absorbent Hydrogel The Hydrogels has been extensively reported the world wide as well as in India for diverse applications, including agriculture. There have been efforts to utilize these materials as water economy aid in agriculture.  However, their serious constraints like fragile structure of hydrogels particularly at higher temperatures, high rate of biodegradability, reduced water absorption capacity under practical use situations, purely synthetic origin, etc have restricted in their promotion and use in agriculture. A process has been developed for preparation of new type of hydrogel  which overcomes such limitations.                                Agriculture
Biopesticidal NemaGel The NemaGel contains an indigenous insect-killer nematode Steinernema thermophilum, which has been isolated in the laboratory.  This nematode species is heat tolerant and can kill a broad range of soil and foliar insect pests such as diamond back moth, gram pod borer, rice borer, white fly, cabbage butterfly, cotton boll worm, tobacco caterpillar, cut worms, root grubs, desert locust, mole cricket, field cricket, rice grasshopper, red cotton bug, mustard aphid, termites etc. infecting various crops such as cereals, pulses, oilseeds, vegetables, fruit trees, etc.  It has been found to be safe for the plants, farm-animal, non-target organisms, human health and the environment. Its efficacy in field is visible within 24-48 hours of its application and it overcomes contamination by not allowing growth of microorganisms.  
7 Plant Based Mosquito Larvicide  A process for preparation of suitable oil emulsifiable concentrate based on essential oil of the plants and its constituents. The active material of the essential oils of the plant or its constituents is dissolved in an appropriate solvents and suitable surfactant system of appropriate blend to obtain homogenous product complying with various physico-chemical, chemical and bioactivity requirements of emulsifiable concentrates. Applied in required concentration in water to control mosquito larvae. Its activity has been evaluated as a mosquito larvicide against the 4th  instar larvae of Culex quinquefasciatus. Agriculture 
Bio-fertiliser cum Bio-fungicides B5   A strain of bacterium has been isolated and identified which has been found to be very good as biofertilizer, biofungicide and biobactericide. Provides plant growth promotion. acts as a bio-control agent for controlling soil/seed born pathogens of potato, other vegetables, ornamental, rice and wheat crop plants.
The formulation as been found to be effective in controlling disease caused by the pathogenic species of Rolstonia, solanacearum, Fusarium,Pythium, Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia, Sclerotium, Alternaria and Pyricularia.
Process for Extraction of Bio-pesticide from Cassava Bio-wastes Insecticidal principles isolated from cassava can effectively by utilized as a source of biopesticide to manage a wide spectrum of borer pests in agricultural crops of national importance. Best solution for the management of papaya mealy bugs and aphids in vegetable crops. Agriculture 
10 A Novel Composition for Trichoderma virens   Agriculture
11 Subsolar-cum-differential rate fertiliser applicator Subsoiling upto 500 mm depth with the main tine and upto 250 mm with two shallow leading tines.
Fertilizer placement in bands (25 cm) at depths varying from 150 mm to 250 mm (80% dose) and remaining (20% dose) at 350 to 450 mm depths at application rates of 500-1000 kg/ha as per need while subsoiling.
Lower Specific Draft (1/3rd of Convention Subsoiler) and 3 to 4 times more soil disturbance than single leg subsoiler/ chiseler with about 20% increase in draft.
Replaceable soil wearing parts such as share, wings, shin and foot alongwith adjustable depth control wheels.
Suitable for subsoiling in laser levelled as well as controlled traffic field conditions to minimize soil compaction.
12 A deep soil volume loosener-cum-fertiliser   Agriculture
13 Seaweed Extract Fertilizer

An organic nutrition source for almost all type of plants

A simple and novel process of production of Seaweed extract Fertilizer in liquid and powder form useful as an organic nutrition source for almost all type of plants.

The fertilizer contains mineral nutrients, vitamins, and micronutrients, which enhance the plant growth. It can be applied as foliar spray or directly applied to the soil as an organic nutrition source. Fertilizers derived from seaweeds are found to be superior to chemical fertilizers due to high level of organic matter, micro and macro elements, vitamins and fatty acids. They can be used with or without chemical fertilizers.

Seaweed extracts are allowed as fertilizer for organic farming production practices whereas synthetic chemical fertilizers are prohibited for Organic Food Production. Now-a-days seaweed fertilizers are gaining popularity for achieving higher crop production and soil quality improvement. Seaweed extracts can be manufactured in liquid and powder form and used as fertilizers for all type of crops, grasses and trees. 


Life Sciences

Name of Technology  Brief Description
Virosome Based Targeted Gene Delivery System This delivery system was primarily developed to target gene in the liver cells and has potential to develop a number of therapeutics targeting gene/drug.
Liposomal Amphotericin-B

This new life saving technology uses liposome as a carrier for delivery of Amphotericin-B.  The product is cost effective and less toxic.

Brain Targetted Nanocurcumin for Cerebral Ischemia Developed first time in India and protected more than 90% cerebral ischemia during study in comparison to the other herbal drugs
Silver Nano Particle as Antidandruff Agents Proven technology to control dandruff and preclinical studies conducted with trial data
Thermostable ELISA Kits for Cortisol, Progesterone, 17α-OH –Progesterone, Estrone Glucuronide, Androstenedione, Corticosterone and Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Kits are stable in varied Indian climatic conditions, have low-production cost, Long shelf life & certified by the EQAS program of Bio-Rad, USA
Water based Spermicidal Vaginal Contraceptive It is an aqueous solution for safe contraception, Indian patent filed and successful field study conducted
Novel Topical Natamycin Formulation for Ocular Antifungal Therapy A biodegradable intrstromal implant has been formulated for the continuous release of natamycin at its site of action.
 A Biocompatible, Self-Digestive and Antimycotic Intra Ocular Natamatrix    Natamycin was formulated as 1% and 0.5% eye drops and the transcorneal penetration was assessed in rabbits against conventional 5% suspension formulation.
 Nano-transmucosal patch for insulin delivery  Developed nano-patch is very thin, smaller and similar to stamp that can be easily placed at the sublingual/ buccal regions of oral cavity. The high surface area to volume ratio of the nano-patch provide better mucoadhesion, control drug release
Cultured Epithelial Autograft Cultivated from Adult Epidermal Stem cells The graft  ready to be transported to the operating theatre for autologous application and demonstrable capability of growing cultured epidermal sheets sufficient enough to cover 40 per cent burn wound in about one month
Live-attenuated Salmonella Typhimurium vaccine Live attenuated vaccines are of great value for preventing broad range of infectious diseases. They reduce the risk of infection by activating adaptive host immune responses
Johne’s disease Detection Kit Indigenous ELISA kit, uses native strain of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP) which infects animals population mainly domestic and wild ruminant population and is responsible for causing chronic enteritis and lymph adenitis (Johne’s disease or JD).
Brucellosis Detection Kit There is no diagnostic kit available in India which can exclusively detect brucellosis in goats and sheep. Currently, a number of methods are used to detect Brucella melitensis infection in goats and sheep
A pregnancy diagnostic kit for equine, based on detection of ECG by ELISA This is an early pregnancy kit based on ELISA which can be used for pregnancy diagnosis between 35 to 120 days of gestation in mares covered by horse stallions

Technology Transfer

Technology transfer is the process of transferring scientific findings, knowledge, manufacturing process, technologies, processes etc. from one organization to another for the purpose of further development and commercialization. The process typically includes: 

  • Identifying and assignment of new technologies
  • Technology evaluation
  • Protecting technologies
  • Value addition
  • Marketing and licensing

The main aim of technology transfer is to develop inventions from the lab into marketable products so that the general public at large can benefit from the research as quickly and efficiently as possible.

कांच और सेरामिक्स

  1. Smart epoxy conducting polymer coating composite for corrosion protection
    A conducting polymer composite coating blended with epoxy powder is used for protection of steel in industrial/marine environment.

  2. Photoactive scratch resistant Titanium Oxide coating on glass
    A photoactive scratch resistant Titanium oxide coating with thickness of 60-140 nm when applied to glass surface decomposes organic pollutants in sunlight, thus removing dirt. Used for buildings, homes etc.

  3. Ceramic coating for photocatalysis & self-cleaning glass
    A ceramic coating solution which when applied to glass decomposes organic pollutants in sunlight, thus removing dirt on glass surface.