Certified Organic Fruit Cultivation & Processing Programme at Mizoram

Certified Organic Fruit Cultivation & Processing Programme at Mizoram


Identification of geographical areas in Mizoram suitable for adopting organic farming and introduction of appropriate cultivation technologies and establishment of processing centres to cater premium markets.

This project would facilitate the utilization of abundantly available natural resources of Mizoram for the betterment of the local community.


  • Develop sustainable organic farming system for improvement of soil fertility and production of safe and quality fruits and vegetables
  • Certification of land for organic farming
  • Motivate farmers to adopt scientific way of organic farming
  • Capacity building of farmers to reduce the cost of cultivation and increase productivity
  • Conservation of on-farm resources e.g. Preparation of nutrient rich Farm Yard Manure, Vermi Compost, Vermi wash etc.
  • Demonstration of Processing Technology
  • Organic certification of the produce
  • Facilitate marketing of agricultural produce

Expected Results

The programme would create awareness among local farmers and entrepreneurs to use and implement new technological developments to support their agricultural activities effectively and shall promote protected cultivation of fruits in the region. The farmers and local people will gain knowledge for the management of fruits & vegetables as well as it will increase employment opportunities and income of the local farmers.

The use of modern farming practices would result in better yield, production of good quality off-season fruits, healthy and quick growth of plant seedlings and saving in time and labour. The use of bio-fertilizer and other organic fertilizers would save the ecosystem of the hills. The proposed project would, thus, contribute in the overall Socio-economic development of the region