Name and Designation of Officers responsible for effective operationalization of mandatory provisions of Right to Information Act, 2005

S. No Name & Designation Assignment for the purpose of the Act
1 Smt. Manjulika Otto
Sr. Manager
+91- 29240401-0407 (Extn – 447)
(R) +91-129-2258122 
Email: [email protected]
Appellate Officer 
2 Shri D. C. Joshi
+91-11-29240401-0408 (Extn – 323)
(R) +91-11-22114165
Email: [email protected]
Transparency Officer
3 Shri R K Nangia
Company Secretary Designate
+91-11-29240401-0408 (Extn – 215)
(R) +91-11-22160822
Email: [email protected]
Public Information Officer
4 Shri Padam Bahadur
Executive PS
+91-11-29240401-0408 (Extn – 127)
Email: [email protected]
Assistant Public Information Officer

The above officials may be contacted for any help/problem under the Act.