The Powers and duties of Officers and Employees

The National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) is a Public Sector Undertaking under administrative control of Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology mainly dealing with technology transfer. There exists a proper delegation of Powers to execute its programme in accordance with Articles of Association & Memorandum of Association.

S.No Name of the post  Power & duties
1 Chairman & Managing Director CMD, NRDC is the Chief Executive of the Organization. CMD is the Head of Board of Directors who exercises executive powers of the Board in emergency,  Chairs the meeting of Board,  Overall financial controller of finances of the Corporation,  Liaise with Govt for arranging loans/grants etc for various activities,  Exercise  control  over  day  to  day  expenses  of  the  Corporation.  Liaison with Administrative Ministry and other Govt. Deptts.,  Implements the decisions of the Board, Implements Govt directions on functioning of the Corporation and brief the Board/Govt about new projects of the Corporation.  Execute license agreements & MOUs/MOAs with entrepreneurs and Laboratories/Research Institutes etc. respectively. 
 2  General Manager/Chief Engineer/Chiefs  Assist CMD in planning and execution of License Agreements on newer technologies, enhance business interest of the Corporation, to negotiate new contracts, overall incharge of their respective divisions and deals with all matters relating to planning of new projects, controlling Sr. Managers/ Managers/ Dy. Managers etc. of their divisions. Exercise control over implementation of projects, commercialization of respective technologies, technology acquisition etc. 
 3  Sr Managers  To appraise CMD and Head of their Divisions about negotiation with the parties/technology seekers and negotiate with them on terms and conditions of License Agreement. To control executives/staff working under their control. Leading in the development of strategies, policies and processes across all functions that will help to achieve the company's mission and core objectives. To develop close working relationships with other key functions in the organization to keep them aware of, and seek there views on, proposed organizational changes to ensure that there is a coordinated approach to these. R&D Planning and Technology Development in the respective field. Transfer of Technology and Marketing. Development of marketing strategy. Erection and Commissioning of Turnkey Projects. Development of Basic Engineering Design Package. Export of Technologies and setting up of Technology Entrepreneurship Park. Liaison with Research Labs/Institutes for assignment of new technologies. Commission research in the field of organization development and change to ensure that the company implements policies and approaches that will improve operational effectiveness. Design and Consultancy.
 4  Company Secretary  The Company Secretary is a vital link between the Corporation and its Board of Directors, Shareholders, Government Departments and various regulatory authorities viz. MCA, ROC, CLB, RD etc. Advising the Board and management committees on all statutory and constitutional requirements to ensure that business is conducted in a proper and effective manner. Circulating decisions of the Board and committees to all relevant parties and taking necessary follow-up actions to record progress on these. Keep Board and committee members informed of all issues relevant to them and provide necessary training and induction to ensure that they are aware of their responsibilities and of procedures. He has to ensure that Board procedures are both followed and regularly reviewed and provide guidance to the CMD and the directors on their responsibilities under various laws. Advising on good governance practices and compliance of Corporate Governance norms as prescribed under various laws/Govt. directives. Prepare returns and records required by statue to ensure that the organization conducts its business in a legal and proper manner and responsible for filing, registering any documents including forms, returns and applications by and on behalf of the Company as an authorized representative.  Coordinating Board/General Meetings and follow-up actions thereof. Custodian of Corporate records, Statutory Books and Registers,  signing of Annual Return,  preparing the Annual Report of the organization in accordance with legal and constitutional requirements, other declarations/ attestations/certifications under the Companies Act, 1956, representing on behalf of the Corporation before MCA, ROC, CLB, NCLT, etc. Coordinating all arrangements for meetings of the Board and management committees to ensure that they are properly organized and conducted and that minutes are accurately recorded and circulated. Maintaining the various registers and the membership records of the Board and management committees. 
 5  Managers  To appraise Head of their Divisions about negotiation with the parties/technology seekers and negotiate with them on terms and conditions of License Agreement.  To control executives/staff working under their control.  R&D Planning and Technology Development in the respective field viz. Electrical/ Civil/ Chemical/ Mechanical/ Metallurgical/Bio-technology. Transfer of Technology and Marketing. Development of marketing strategy. Erection and Commissioning of Turnkey Projects. Development of Basic Engineering Design Package (BEDP). Export of Technologies and setting up of Technology Demonstration & Entrepreneurship Park. Liaison with Research Labs/Institutes for assignment of new technologies. Evaluation of technologies/processes
 6  Dy. Managers   Responsible for Preparation of Feasibility Reports/Project Reports, Proforma Invoices and Marketing kits etc., Preparation of PTNs etc., Transfer of Technology and Marketing,  Development of marketing strategy, Erection and Commissioning of Turnkey Projects, Development of Basic Engineering Design Package, Export of Technologies and setting up of Technology Demonstration and Entrepreneurship Park,  Liaison with Research Labs/Institutes for assignment of new technologies, Design and Consultancy, Evaluation of processes and assisting in the upgradation of new technologies assigned to company.
 7  ADEs/Scientific Officers  To assist Head of their Divisions in project implementation of transfer of technologies. Preparation of Feasibility Reports, Proforma Invoices and Marketing kits etc., Preparation of PTNs etc., Transfer of Technology and Marketing, Assisting in development and formulation of marketing strategy, Assisting in Erection and Commissioning of Turnkey Projects, Assisting in development of Basic Engineering Design Package, Export of Technologies and setting up of Technology Demonstration and Entrepreneurship Park , Liaison with Research Labs/Institutes for assignment of new technologies, Evaluation of processes and upgradation of new technologies assigned to company, Design and Consultancy etc
 8  Editor Grade-II/Section Officer (Pub.)/ Commercial Artist (Gr.)-III  To Look after the working relating to publication of Corporation’s journals, brochures, annual reports and other literary work, etc. 
 9  Sr. Executive Officers/ Executive Officers   Support and assist the Head of Departments in the work relating to their divisions by providing secretarial assistance. Maintenance of files and documents.  Arranging meetings with the prospective licensees and making minutes of the same.  To attend phone calls & visitors in HOD’s absence.
10 Admn. Officer

To ensure compliance of Service Regulations, FR & SR, GFR, own rules and schemes framed by the Corporation, Conduct Rules and other Govt. directives issued by DoPT, DPE and other departments from time to time,  review the working of the staff working under his control, ensure proper maintenance of personal files, service registers, etc., of all the employees,, ensure prompt maintenance of Corporation’s vehicles and upkeep up of the office building., arrange for purchase of stationeries, printing of books and forms as per the requirements and ensure keeping up of adequate stock in stores, ensure prompt remittance of MCD property tax,  Ground Rent to DDA,  Telephone, Electricity and Water Bills and taxes of vehicles etc., arrange for insurance for building, vehicles against fire, burglary and for finally renewal, for supervision and controlling work of all the staff under his control, to follow-up action on the proceedings of the various internal Committees and  also attend such other duties as and when assigned to him.
11 Section Officers/Executive PS  The Section Officer/Executive PS is the in charge of a Section of the office. He is responsible for all files relating to the subjects allotted to the assistants under him as well as the applications and concerned documents received in the Section. He is directly responsible to the officers under whom he works, for the efficient and expeditious dispatch of business in all stages in his section. He ensures that the Assistants who have to scrutinize applications do the work and is carried out according to the schedule. The training of the Assistants under him is one of his principal functions. He must see that his Assistants do their work on the basis of urgency and priority, that they do not waste time andpaper on needless noting or correspondence and that really urgent matters are given immediate attention. He is responsible for the accuracy of the notes and drafts proceeding from the section; he cannot place the responsibility on the Assistants. Distribution of work, training, help and advice to the staff. Management and co-ordination of the work; Maintenance of order and discipline in thesection; To go through the receipts; submit it to the seniors, keep watch on its movement, to keep a note of important receipts with a view to watch the progress of action; To see that all corrections have been made in the draft and all enclosures are attached before it is marked for issue;  To ensure timely submission of arrear and other returns; to ensure that cases are not held up at any stage;  obtaining or supplying factual information of a non-classified nature; to approve the recording of files and their classification;  to review the recorded file before destruction; to order and supervise periodic weeding of unwanted spare copies;  ensuring proper maintenance of registers required to be maintained in the section;  Ensuring proper maintenance of reference books, Office Orders etc. and keep them up-to-date;  Ensuring neatness and tidiness in the Section; Dealing with important and complicated cases himself. 
12 Executive (EDP)/Programmer Grade I/II  Coordination and providing effective troubleshooting for the hardware installed, all /w and h/w maintenance, Maintenance of NRDC & Innovate India website (regular updating) including data collection and compilation, Revamping of NRDC website, Maintenance of email pop accounts of all NRDC officials h/w and s/w procurement, proactive role in modernizing the computerization facilities, procurement of Hardware and Software for official operation, maintaining the data bases of Experts and Events, Vendors, Machinery Suppliers, designing effective Retrieval system for maintained databases, designing multimedia presentation utilizing Power Point, Flash, Director and other multimedia packages, maintenance of video clippings and sound library, inviting editing and important clips, effective Structured re-networking of computers in the Corporation for seamless operations, database maintenance including Patent database project involving coordination and assessment of data entry jobs etc.
13 Jr. Doc. Officer Operation of Library & Documentation Centre, procurement, cataloguing, lending, weeding out of old books, procurement, distribution, display of newspapers, magazines etc. DSIR Reports stock maintenance and their free distribution and Seminar work. To meet the needs and requirements regarding Books, Project Reports, Manuals, Periodicals, Acts etc for the visitors/ officials/ entrepreneurs. Selection and purchasing of books, keeping in mind the budget of the library. To be well aware of the latest developments and interest of the users. Proper maintenance and shelving of books. To answer the queries of the users and guide them in selecting the right book/ manual/ report etc. Organizing and planning various activities to enhance the importance of libraries in this fast-paced world. Preparing catalogue of books and catalogue cards. Verification of Accession Register, Receipt and Issue Register, timely classification & arrangement of books, journals, newspapers etc.
Procurement of publications/literature. Periodical stock taking of all the books and periodicals and weeding out the unwanted or outdated books.
14 Superintendents/Sr. Assistants/Assistants  The main duties of Assistants are to refer all communications and to assist the Section Officers/Executive PS in dealing with cases relating to the Section. Work of a routine and mechanical nature such as the maintenance of registers, the putting up of relevant papers, scrutiny of applications.  Their duties may include fielding telephone calls, receiving and directing visitors, word processing, filing, and faxing. Extensive software skills are required, as well as Internet research abilities and strong communication skills. To see whether all facts open to check have been correctly stated;  To point out any mistakes or incorrect statement of the facts;  To draw attention, where necessary, to precedents or Rules and Regulations on the subject;  To put up the Guard file, if necessary, and supply other relevant facts and figures;  To bring out clearly the question under consideration and suggest a course of action wherever possible. 
15 PA Grade I/II, Sr. Stenographers  They are attached to the officers. Their main duties are providing secretarial assistance to the concerned officers. Keep the officer free from routine nature of work by mailing correspondence, filing papers, making appointments, arranging meeting and collecting information so as to give the officer more time to devote himself to the work in which he has specialized. To maintain the confidentiality and secrecy of confidential and secret papers entrusted to him. Exercise his skill in human relations and be cordial with the persons who come in contact with his boss officially or who are helpful to his boss or who have dealings with the boss as professional persons.  Taking dictation in shorthand and its transcription in the best manner possible; Fixing up of appointments and if necessary canceling them; Attending the telephone calls and the visitors in a tactful manner; Keeping an accurate list of engagements, meetings etc. and reminding the officer sufficiently in advance for keeping them up; Maintaining, in proper order, the papers required to be retained by the Officer; Keeping a note of the movement of files, seen by his officer and other officers, if necessary; Destroying the stenographic record of the confidential and secret letters after they have been typed and issued; Carrying out the corrections to the officer’s reference books and making fair copies of draft demi-official letters to be signed by the officer; Assisting him in such a manner as he may direct and at the same time. 
16 Data Entry Operators Grade III/II  The Data Entry Operator executes the data entry work as per the direction of the officer to whom attached. 
17 Other Staff such as Sr. Pump Operator/Sr. Mechanic Gr.I/UDC (Mechanic)  Maintenance of electric installations and equipments Electrician & Plumbing work, Upkeep of DG Set, Coolers and water pump, maintenance of sanitary fittings etc. 
18 Staff Car Drivers/Driver-cum-Rider/Daftaries/Sr. Daftaries/Office Attendants/Safai Karamcharis  These are supporting staff . They have to perform the duties assigned to them by the Section Officer, Office Superintendent with whom they are attached.