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About NRDC

National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) was established in 1953 by the Government of India, with the primary objective to promote, develop and commercialise the technologies / know-how / inventions / patents / processes emanating from various national R&D institutions / Universities and is presently working under the administrative control of the Dept. of Scientific & Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology. During the past six decade of its existence and in pursuance of its corporate goals, NRDC has forged strong links with the scientific and industrial community in India and abroad and developed a wide network of research institutions, academia and industry and made formal arrangements with them for the commercialisation of know-how developed in their laboratories and is now recognised as a large repository of wide range of technologies spread over almost all areas of industries, viz. Agriculture and Agro-processing, Chemicals including Pesticides, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, Bio Technology, Metallurgy, Electronics and Instrumentation, Building Materials, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics etc. It has licensed the indigenous technology to more then 4800 entrepreneurs and helped to establish a large number of small and medium scale industries.

Besides being the torch bearer in the field of technology transfer, NRDC also undertakes number of activities under its structured promotional programme for encouragement and advancement of research, promotion of inventions and innovations such as meritorious inventions awards, Techno-Commercial support, Technical and financial assistance for IPR Protection, Value addition services and support for further development of technologies and much more. 

NRDC has also successfully exported technologies and services to both developed as well as the developing countries. NRDC is recognised, particularly in the developing countries, as the source of reliable appropriate technology, machines and services, which are typically suitable for these countries.

Innovation Facilitation Centre

NRDC with its vast experience in technology transfer and IP management proposes to identify and facilitate the development of Innovation Facilitation Centres in the Universities, National Institutes of Technology (NIT’s), IIT’s, Autonomous Institutions & Academic Institutions across the country where innovation activities would be promoted and encouraged among the faculty, students and researchers and would facilitate the effective management of Intellectual Property, development of an association with manufacturing enterprises of the country and abroad and subsequently the transfer of the IP to the industry and entrepreneurs.

NRDC in collaboration with Universities, National Institutes of Technology (NIT’s), IIT’s, Autonomous Institutions & Academic Institutions in India will set up Innovation Facilitation Centres (NRDC-IFC) in their premises. The network of Corporation with the local, regional and global industries and entrepreneurs would facilitate the faculty, students and researchers of the Universities, National Institutes of Technology (NIT’s), IIT’s, Autonomous Institutions & Academic Institutions in India to market their innovative research work and reap the benefits of commercial success.

Main Objectives

  • To promote area specific technologies for the industries by utilizing R&D capabilities of the host institutions in the region
  • To provide value addition services in terms of IP management & technology commercialisation for making commercial products from the R&D of institutions of the region
  • To act as a potent resource of IP protected technologies to help manufacturing sector of the country in developing new products and services based on the innovative technologies available through the Innovation Facilitation Centres
  • To facilitate and create appropriate environment in the Universities, National Institutes of Technology (NIT’s), IIT’s, Autonomous Institutions & Academic Institutions in India for the promotion of innovation processes and provide training and support
  • To play the role of a facilitator to stimulate entrepreneurial activities within the Universities, National Institutes of Technology (NIT’s), IIT’s, Autonomous Institutions & Academic Institutions in India through the NRDC-IFC
  • To provide Intellectual Property protection and management services and facilitate the technology transfer and commercialisation
  • To develop and strengthen the Industry-Academia partnership for development and effective transfer of know-how from the Universities, National Institutes of Technology (NIT’s), IIT’s, Autonomous Institutions & Academic Institutions in India to the entrepreneurs and industry

NRDC – IFC Outreach Centres

  • NRDC – AIIMS Innovation Facilitation Centre
    All India Institute of Medical Sciences
    Ansari Nagar,
    New Delhi – 110029

  • NRDC – AUUP Innovation Facilitation Centre
    Amity University Uttar Pradesh
    Sector-125, Noida,
    Gautam Buddha Nagar - 201303
    Uttar Pradesh


New technologies; encourage profitability in all activities; access technologies from their source, trade them with corporate world and take them to global market.

Creating an enabling environment for the Indian innovations to fruition; provide world class facilities and services to the Indian R&D organizations and industry for exploiting innovations.

Our Board of Directors


Dr. H. Purushotham
Chairman & Managing Director
National Research Development Corporation
20-22 Zamroodpur Community Centre, Kailash Colony Extn.
New Delhi-110048 
+91 11 29241212
Contact: +91 11 29241212
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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 Dr. P K Dutta
Scientist - F
Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR)
Ministry of Science and Technology
Government of India
New Delhi
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Prof. Anil K Gupta
Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology (WIHG)
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Mr. Narayan Rao Gali
BS Limited
Hyderabad, AP
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Dr. Satyawati Sharma
Centre for Rural Development and Technology
IIT Delhi
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Our Ministers




Dr. Harsh Vardhan
Hon' ble Union Minister 

Science and Technology & Earth Sciences



Programmes & Budgetary Allocations

1. Programme for Inspiring Inventors and Innovators " (PIII) Allocation of fund as per B.E. 2014-15 : Rs. 500.00 Lakhs

  • Promotion & Propagation of Inventions and Innovations
  • Prize Award to Meritorious Inventions and open source Technologies
  • Innovate India Conference
  • Intellectual Property & Innovation Facilitation
  • Intellectual Property and Technology Facilitation Centre (IPFC)
  • NRDC-University Facilitation Innovation Centers
  • Patent Assistance
  • Patent Seminar
  • Patent Search
  • Other IPR Activities
  • On-Line IPR & Knowledge Management Courseware for Certificate Programme
  • Technology Knowledge Management Programme
  • Techno-commercial Support to Scientist, Innovators and Student for process Trial and Validation of Technologies
  • Knowledge Management Programme for promotion of Innovations / Technologies

 2. Programme for Development of Technology Inspiring For Commercialization” (PDTC) Allocation of fund as per B.E. 2014-15: Rs. 450.00 Lakhs

  • Digital Knowledge Base (Innovation Portal) for Commercialization of Innovations
  • Digital Portal
  • Membership & Subscription
  • Technology Value Addition
  • Basic Engineering Design Package
  • Market Survey on assigned technologies
  • Development Projects and value addition for priority projects
  • Promotion of Innovation in Rural & North East Region
  • Enterpreneurship Developent Programme in backward and rural areas through Innovative Appropriate Technology
  • Increase Shelf -life of Fruit & Vegitables through Innovative appropriate Technolgy
  • Certified Organic Fruits Cultivation & Processing Programme at Mizoram ( MFCP Certified Programme)
  • Promotion of Technology Commercialisation in the Country and abroad -Dissemination of Information through :-
  • R&D -Industry Meet
  • Conferences, Seminars , Workshops
  • Exhibitions
  • Foreign Exhibition
  • Publication

Sh. B.N.Sarkar

Shri B.N. Sarkar is a Post Graduate Engineer in Computer Controlled Power System and Drives from Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore and holds a Graduate Degree in Electrical Engineering from Regional Engineering College (Recently known as National Institute of Technology), Durgapur. Prior to joining the Government of India in 1990, he worked in M/s Uptron Powertronics Limited, Sahibabad for three years as a R&D Engineer where he had designed a number of uninterrupted power supply of various capacity from 5 KVA to 50 KVA for Defence application and Battery Charger for Telephone Exchange. He joined in the section – National Information System for Science and Technology (NISSAT) of Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science and Technology as Scientific Officer – II in 1990 and continued his service here for over 15 years. He promoted Automation of Information Centre in India through UNESCO software. In the process, he assisted to do many National and International projects and visited France, China, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong-Kong.   He is presently Scientist – ‘F’ in the same Department of Scientific and Industrial Research and is engaged in promotion of industrial research, technology development and transfer. During this period, he has been involved in formulation of schemes aimed at promoting industrial R&D expenditure, technology development and demonstration of innovative products and processes with a view to improve country’s industrial competitiveness. He has been particularly engaged in promoting innovative technology and has been instrumental in sensitizing Indian industries and R&D institutions towards increasing the technology content in the products and services offered by them and enhancing country’s technology intensive exports. In addition to that he is holding Administrative In-charge of two PSEs of this Department namely Central Electronics Limited (CEL), Sahibabad and National Research Development Corporation (NRDC), New Delhi.

Sh. Sanjay Bhatia

Mr. Sanjay Bhatia, B.Com(H) LLB, has 37 years experience in metal packaging industry, currently he is Managing Director of Hindustan Tin Works Ltd. and Chairman, Rexam-HTW Beverage Can India Ltd.(Leading manufacturers of tin containers for food, beverages and non-food in India)

Throughout his career Mr. Bhatia has been associated with leading Chambers of Commerce and has represented the industry on various committees set up by Central & State Governments from time to time, including kelkar task force on simplification of Indirect Taxes in India.

He is presently the President of All India Organisation of Employers (AIOE)

  • President, FICCI Confederation of MSME
  • Chairman, Manufacturing Committee & MSME Committee, Federation of Indian Chamber of commerce & Industry (FICCI)
  • Steering & Managing Committee member of FICCI)]
  • Vice President-All India Organisation of Employers(AIOE)
  • Part Time Director on the Board of National Research Development Corporation
  • Member-Standing Committee for monitoring the credit flow to the MSME sector(Govt. of India) and suggesting policy measures.
  • President of Metal Container Manufacturers Association (MCMA)
  • Vice-President of Indian Council of Arbitration(ICA)
  • Past Chairman of the Indian Institute of Packaging(IPP)
  • Past President of the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry(PHDCCI)
  • Managing Committee member Associated Chamber of Commerce(ASSOCHAM)
  • Member of International Packaging Association based in Germany(IPA)

Vision & Mission


To be a leading Technology Transfer Organization in India


To promote, develop, nurture and commercialize innovative, reliable and competitive technologies from R&D institutes through value addition and partnership.

To sensitize R&D institutions and industry about technologies that needs to be developed and commercialized.