Intellectual Property Management

Intellectual Property Management

NRDC has the mandate of promoting indigenous inventive activity under Program for Inspiring Inventors and Innovators (PIII). Under this program, the Corporation provides financial and technical assistance to the innovations emanating from R&D organizations, academic institutions and universities as well as individuals for IP protection.

NRDC Intellectual Property Management Division assists in the following services:


Sucess Story - Patent Filing

IPR Seminars/Workshop

NRDC has been organizing capacity building programme on IP and Innovation management in association with different institutes/organization in the country.

National Patent Protection Scheme

National Research Development Corporation gives financial assistance to scientists and researchers working in universities, R&D institutions and laboratories and also to individuals in scientific and industrial fields for patenting their inventions which are proved to be workable, advantageous, useful and commercially viable.

NRDC Patent Search Facility

NRDC's patent search facility enables scientists, inventors or technology business managers to identify and source patents and trademarks which can be used to provide a state-of-the-art technology survey; for world-wide tracking of technological advances or to monitor a competitor's R&D and marketing strategy. This 'Online' database provides access to different patent authorities around the globe. These sources, which help identify patented inventions, are an indispensable tool in preparing new patent applications, which have to cite prior art and with reference to these, define the claimed inventive originality. 

This service, now being offered to industries, also provides bibliographic references and abstracts from published literature, business information and financial data, text of articles, trade statistics and other relevant business information. This diverse range of information services helps Indian industries to track technologies, get a global overview of the technological competition in their business and to obtain background information on foreign corporate sources of technology, on competitors and potential suppliers of parts, components and bought outs

Other IP Services

  • IP Policy and Process Setup

    Academia/R&D institutes and industries are at the forefront of knowledge creation and scientific activities. With Innovation as a central theme, NRDC will provide expert services in drafting or in formulating their innovation, technology transfer and IP policy of their respective organization.

  • IP Consultancy Services

    NRDC committed to providing necessary consultancy services on all matters related to IPR to interested R&D organizations/academia and industries right from creating and protecting IP to its commercialization.

  • Technology Landscaping

    NRDC helps stakeholders in technology landscaping analysis in which it helps to understand the market involving a particular technology, the latest development involving such technology. The study would helps stakeholders to take important decisions and strategies involving the R&D of a product processes, investing into certain areas of technology and identifying patent trends.