Year : 1997

S. NO Title of Invention Name of Inventor Address Awarded Amount Area/Field
1 A novel process for reduction roasting of Manganese ore and device therefore

Sh. Sudhakar V. Kothari, Sh. N. A. Subramanian Paramount Sinters
Rs.60,000/- Metallurgy
2 Wide L&C Band Antenna for remote controlled aircraft Dr. Surendra Pal, Sh. V. K. Lakshmeesha, Sh. S. Kumar Barnwal ISRO Satellite Centre
Rs.50,000/- Electrical/ Electronics
 Duel Polarised Vsat Antenna Feed  Dr. S. Christopher, Dr. A. K. Singh, Dr. (Ms.) Anjana Kaul  LRDE
 Rs.50,000/  Electrical/ Electronics
 4  Acephate Technical  Dr. N. K. Roy  Indian Agricultural Research Institute New Delhi  Rs.40,000/-  Chemical
 5  Dev. of process & Machinery for spinning jute/cotton blended yarn in short staple spinning system  Ms. Indra Doraiswamy, Sh. P. Chellamani, Sh. A.Kanthimathinathan, Sh. M. Kathirvel, Sh. M. Murthy  SITRA Coimbatore  Rs.35,000/-
 6 Regulation of speed of steam turbine through an innovative auto suction control of coke oven gas with built-in safety interlock  Sh. Shankar Prasad, Sh. Ganpat Ram Sahu, Sh. Niranjan M Muley, Sh. N. C. Bansiyar  Bhilai Steel Plant Rs.30,000/-   Metallurgy
 7 Design, Development, installation and commissioning of 100 TPD capasity high pressure sintering unit  Sh. Nirmal K.Kakkar, Sh. Samir K .Roy, Sh. Arun K .Pd Singh, Sh. Subhasis Chaudhuri, Sh. Kirti Prasad Verma  SAIL
 Rs.25,000/-  Metallurgy
 8 Super efficient environment friendly geyser for water heating  Sh. Suresh Narain Mathur  Ghaziabad  Rs.20,000/-  Rural
 9  Development of process technology for manufacture of detergent grade Zeolite-A  Sh. M. M. Seth, Dr. C. R.  Misra, Dr. R. S. Somani, Dr. P. M .Oza, Sh. M. R. Gandhi, Sh. V. M. Sheth  CSMCRI, Bhubaneshwar, National Aluminium Co. Ltd., Bhubaneshwar Orissa  Rs.100000/-  Chemical