Year : 1999

S no Title of Invention Name of Inventor Address Awarded Amount(Rs.) Area/Field
1 Bio-inoculant in liquid form with plurality of strains used as soil application or biofoliar sprays for Augmentation of crop yield Sh. R.U. Kanitkar, Ms. Snadeepa Inamdar Kumar Krishimitra Bio-Products (I) Pvt. Ltd.

100000/- Biotech
2 Combustible Cartridge cases for Tank Gun Ammunition Sh. R.K. Syal, Sh. S.B. Talegaonkar, Sh. S. K. Saudi, Sh. K. D. Borole, Sh. J. R. Peshave High Energy Materials Research 
75,000/- Defence
 3  Development of cheap & suitable fire protective coating materials for preventing spontaneous heating in open cast mines  Dr. R.V.K. Singh, Dr. Salil Kumar Ghosh, Dr. Bharat Bhushan Dhar  Central Mining Research Institute 
 Rs.75,000/-  Mining
 4  New Ejection Mechanism of spent cases of Gas Operated Rifle  Sh. Prasanta K. Das  Rifle Factory Shapore P.O. Ishapore,
West Bengal
 Rs.75,000/-  Defence
 5  Sketching device for tactile graphics through thread delivery over hook & loop surface - An education aid for blind children  Sh. Dilip B. Bhatt & Ms. Pragnya D. Bhatt  Ahmedabad - Gujarat  Rs.50,000/-  Rural
 6  Vijetha- A Silkworm body & rearing agent set disinfectant  Dr. R.K. Datta, Dr. M. Baig, Sh. T. Selvakumar, Dr. M.B.V. Subbiah, Dr. B. Nataraj, Dr. M. M. Ahsan  Central Sericultural Research & Training Instt. Srirampura,
 Rs.40,000/-  Agro
 Reducing the period of retting of coconut husks & upgrading the quality of unretted green husks Coir Fibre  Dr. Uma Sankar Sarma & Dr(Ms.) Anita Ravindranath Das  Central Coir Research Institute Alleppey Kerala  Rs.35,000/-  Agro
 8  An Intramedullary interlocking nail- New design for joining fractures of Tibia  Dr. K.P. Daga  Daga Hospital, Solapur - Maharashtra  Rs.30,000/-  Medical/Drugs
 9  Curvex Batch Coder  Sh. Lakshman Prasad  M/s Numerators India
Aligarh - UP
 Rs.30,000/-  Mechanical
10 Pedal operated Rice Mill TH. Surendranath Singh
Manipur Science & Technology Council
Imphal - (Manipur)
Rs.25,000/- Mechanical
11 Coconut Husking Tool Sh. Jippu Jacob & Sh. Joby Bastian Keral Agricultural Univ. Kellappaji College of Agricultural Engg. and Technology
Rs.25,000/- Rural
12 Altitude Encoder Unit
Sh. S.M. Sharma & Sh. Uma Kant Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
Lucknow - UP
Rs.25,000/- Electrical/ Electronics
13 Composite indentation hardness tester with built-in base for rubber and the like substances such as plastics. Sh. Kumar Balram Bhatia M/s Blue Steel Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai - Maharashtra Rs.25,000/- Mechanical
14 Electronic Wood Moisture Indicator Sh. K. Shyama Sunder Indian Plywood Industries Research Bangalore Karnataka Certificate Electrical/ Electronics
15 Development of ISROFLEX Heater Sh. H. Bhojraj, Sh.M.H.R.Sreenivasa, Sh. Y.G.N. Appa Rao, Dr. Surya Kumar Sharma, Sh. R. Rathna Kumar Indian Space Research Organisation Thermal Fab. Division Satellite Centre Department of Space, Airport Road, Vimanpura Bangalore
Certificate Electrical/ Electronics
16 Twin Screw Food Extruder Dr. Subodh K. Mukherjee M/s Basic Technology Pvt. Ltd. 2/28, Nundy Street Kolkata West Bengal Certificate Food