Year : 2000

S. No. Title of Invention Name of Inventor Address Awarded Amount Area/Field
1 Development of Technology and systems for Slipring unit of precision coherent Monopulse C-Band Radar Sh. K.R. Kaimal, Sh. V.V. Karunakaran, Sh. Gangadhar De, Sh. K. Raveendar Sh. V.C. Vijaykumar, Sh.S.Chandrasekharan Nair Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre
Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala)
75000/- Electrical/Electronics
2 Novel Spray Formulations based on Xanthen Dyes for Detecting Latent Finger Prints

Dr.G. S. Sodhi, Dr. Jasjeet Kaur SGTB Khalsa College & College of Applied Science for Women, Delhi University
60000/- Chemical
3 Three Channel Monopulse Receiver at Ka-Band (Millimeter Waves) Dr. K.D. Nayak, Sh. Virpal Singh, Sh. Ashok Mittal, Sh. Ajay Malik Defence Electronics Applications Laboratory
50000/- Electrical/ Electronics
4 SITRA  Enerspin" Drive System for Ring Spinning and Doubling Machines Ms. Indra Doraiswamy, Sh. P. Muthukumaraswamy, Sh. N. Vasantha Kumar, Sh. G. Ilango The South India Textile Research Association, 
40000/- Textile
5 Direct Gas Fired and Steam Blended Loop Ager System Sh. Girish R. Luthra M/s Luthra Dyeing and Printing Mills,
40000/- Textile