Year : 2003

S.NO Title of Invention Name of inventor Address Awarded Amount(Rs.) Area/field
1 A Device for  recovery of finest  cleans from accumulated slurry in coal beneficiation plant and process thereof Dr. Kalyan Sen  & Dr. Dilip Kumar Chakraborty

Central /fuel Research Institute,

Rs. 1,00,000/- Mining & Metallurgy
2 Development of M type Dispenser cathodes for microwave tubes Dr. K S Bhat, S/Shri Meduri Ravi & C. Suresh Microwave Tube R & D Centre (MTRDC)  Rs. 75,000/- Electrical/ Electronics
3 Opto-electronic apparatus for static & dynamic measurements S/Shri Rajkumar Sameul, M.V. Rao, Dr. P.S.Nair, Shri Akkaram Ananthan, Prof. r.S. Sirohi & Prof. M.P. Kotyal ISRO Satellite Centre
IIT, Delhi
IIT, Chennai

Rs. 75,000/- Electrical/ Electronics
4 Multi Purpose food processor Shri K X Benedict

Ochanthuruth, Kochi

Rs.60,000/-  Food
5 Maleic anhydride grafted polymers S/Shri Devendra Jain & Anil Mehta Pluss polymers (P) Ltd.,
New Delhi
Rs. 60,000/-  Chemical
6 Tractor mounted multipurpose deep trencher Shri C P Sadashivaiah Shiva Industries,
Rs. 60,000/-  Mechanical
7 Fresh Flavour Ginger  Oil from green ginger Dr. C. Arumughan, Shri M M Sree Kumar, Ms. B. Sankarikutty, Dr. (Ms.) M A Sumathykutty & Dr. (Ms) K P Padmakumari Regional Research Laboratory,
Rs. 40,000/-  Food
8 Manufacturing furniture from Old used Automotive tyres Mrs. Rama Anand

R A Innovations
New Delhi

Rs. 40,000/-  Mechanical