Year : 2009

S. NO. Title of Invention Name of Inventor Address Awarded Amount (Rs) Category
1 A Portable device for in-situ sub-sampling of Aqueous Sediments Dr. Anil Bhimrao Valsangkar,

National Institute of Oceanography
Dona-Paula, Goa

Rs.5.00 lakh Innovation Award of the year
 2  Clean Bioprocessing of white pepper from fresh and dried black pepper (Pepper Nigrum L)   Dr. V.B.Manilal
Sh. Ajit Haridas
Dr. K.M.Gopinathan
 National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science & Technology, Thiruvananthapuram
Mahatma Gandhi Government Arts College, Pudducherry 
 Rs. 5.00 lakh  Innovation Award of the year
 3  Pomegranate De-Seeder
(Awarded Certificate of Merit) 
 Sh. Uddhab Kr Bharali
 North Lakhimpur, Assam  (Awarded Certificate of Merit)   Innovation Award of the Year 
 4  Novel Universal Technique to establish the identity of enormous number of animal species for Forensic Applications.   Dr. Lalji Singh, Dr. Sunil Kumar Verma   Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad   Rs.3.00 lakh   Societal Innovation Award of the Year 
 5  Design and Development of low cost sanitary Napkins using alternate material  Dr. Bhawana Chanana  Lady Irwin College, University of Delhi, New Delhi  Rs.3.00 lakh  Societal Innovation Award of the Year
 6  Evaporative cooling apparatus resistant to Vector Breeding
(Awarded Certificate of Merit)
 Dr. V. K. Saxena, Dr. T. G. Thomas, 
Dr. Shiv Lal
 Centre for Medical Entomology and Vector Management (NICD), Delhi    (Awarded Certificate of Merit)  Societal Innovation Award of the Year
 7  Online Security System Serving as a Unique and Exclusive Password Generator for Every Internet Transaction  Sh. K Balaraju  Hyderabad  Rs. 1 lakh  Budding Innovators Award of the Year