Value Addition to Technology

Basic Engineering Design Package

Basic Engineering is carried out to take the process from a lab scale to a pilot or a commercial scale. Developing a BEDP requires a detailed study for working out the final process, which is obtained through a series of simulation of the laboratory scale process and then incorporating required engineering input so that the process is workable. Once the BEDP is prepared, detailed engineering is carried out for setting up the commercial plant.

Priority Projects

Further development work The Corporation under its scheme "Development Projects and value addition for Priority Projects supports further development work and Value Addition for selected NRDC assigned technologies by providing financial assistance to R&D Institutions / Academia / Licensee(s)/Individual Innovator(s) so that commercial production and marketing of product becomes successful. 

Further work is required in areas like up scaling, pilot plant scale studies, authentication of the product, registration of the product under various regulatory authorities, conducting trials for generating field efficacy data, generating toxicological data, etc. on industrial research outputs generated by research institutions and universities to bring them to the level of commercial manufacturing, is an important input for almost all technologies.

A number of technologies are being assigned to NRDC by Research and Development (R&D) Institutions, Academia and individual innovators for commercialization by industry. Many of these technologies are at the laboratory scale/ bench scale/ prototype stage or may need value addition at different levels to bridge the gap between these level of developments and industrial requirement.

Techno Commercial Support

NRDC’s basic charter envisages technical and financial interventions required for closing gaps in the “innovation Chain” through which promising inventions or processes are transformed and developed for ready adoption by the industry.

The objective of this program is to provide essential support to the applicants for overcoming minor issues like testing of the product, authentication of results in field conditions, improvement of prototypes and preparation of comprehensive know-how document.

Under this scheme, NRDC provides techno-commercial support to Indian inventors / scientists / technocrats / NRDC Awardees / NRDC Licensees, etc to make the developed technology marketable and acceptable to entrepreneurs and industries. The techno-commercial support is provided for the following purposes:

SL#Types of Techno-Commercial SupportMax Amount of Support (Rs.)
1. Improvements in prototype to make it commercially acceptable 2,00,000
2. Carrying out Process Trials / Field trials / Testing / Analysis 2,00,000
3. Preparation of video or animation film about working of the invention / innovation ( in respect of technologies to be assigned or assigned technologies) 25,000
4. Preparation of a Pre-feasibility report (for the technical know-how assigned to NRDC for commercialization) 25,000
5. Preparation of comprehensive know-how document (for the technical know-how assigned to NRDC for commercialization) 25,000
6. Demonstration of the technology (for procuring raw material, chemicals and biochemicals) (for the technical know-how assigned to NRDC for commercialization) 25,000