Portfolio of Activities

NRDC, in order to achieve its corporate goals for becoming an International Technology Transfer Organization has launched both Technology Promotional and Commercial programmes. NRDC seeks to contribute in strengthening the interface between science (R&D), industry and government so as to maximize benefits from emerging technologies.

Commercial activities
The commercial activities include:

• Technical evaluation of the technology.
• Licensing of technologies to companies and end user organizations.
• Techno-commercial support to R&D laboratories to validate or scale-up laboratory processes prior to commercialization.
• Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) consultancy to R&D Institutes and Corporates.
• Export of Indian technologies / know-how and services.
• Execution of turnkey projects abroad based on indigenous technologies.

Promotional programmes

In pursuing its objectives the Corporation is operating the following two programmes to promote development and transfer of indigenous inventions/innovations/technologies/ know-how, etc.

1. Programme for Inspiring Inventors & Innovators (PIII)

The programme aims to encourage the innovators/inventors in developing innovative technologies and products. To achieve this Corporation carries out following activities.

I. Prize Award to meritorious inventions

The Corporation endeavours through this activity to stimulate the spirit of inventiveness not only among scientific and technical personnel and industrial workers but also among technicians, artisans, craftsmen and the emerging youth force in the community, so that the creative talent which lies could be harnessed for the benefit of the nation.

The Prize Awards are categorised into the following four categories:

1. NRDC Innovation Award of the Year
2. NRDC Societal Innovation Award of the Year
3. NRDC Budding Innovators Award of the Year
4. Open Source Technologies

II. IPR Facilitation and Management

Intellectual Property and Technology Facilitation Centre

Intellectual Property Facilitation Centre (IPFC), a joint project of the Corporation with Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MoMSME), Govt of India aims to promote awareness and adoption of Intellectual Property Rights amongst entrepreneurs and MSMEs in India while making accessible to high-quality IP services and Resources.

• NRDC-University Innovation Facilitation Centers

The Corporation is establishing University Innovation Facilitation Centres (UIFCs) in universities for the enhancement of the commercialization of research from the universities wherein the Corporation shall be providing guidance for effective IP management and transfer of technology. It will also provide a platform that can integrate R&D results generated by these universities, evaluate and add value to them through scale up and pilot plant and to trade with interested industries or entrepreneurs.

Patent assistance and awareness programme for Universities, R&D Organisations and Private Inventors

Intellectual Property Rights today are a significant constituent element of Research and Development. NRDC provides the necessary resources to enable the inventor or innovator to convert his idea into reality. It has established a single window for protecting Indian Inventions in India and abroad.

The Corporation, through this programme facilitates researchers working in R&D organizations and academies and individuals in protecting, managing and commercialising their Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and enable the innovators benefit from their invention. The activities include providing technical and financial assistance, patent search, IP awareness through lectures, seminars and workshops.

• On-line Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) & Knowledge Management 

(KM) Courseware for Certificate Program

The Corporation shall be running the programme with objective of effectively disseminating the vast experience and knowledge about the IPRs and knowledge management to the general public with a focus on the scientific, technical and management professionals using the internet medium.

III. Technology Knowledge Management

Techno-commercial support to scientists, innovators and students for process trial and validation of technologies

The Corporation through this scheme provides support to the scientist for overcoming minor issues like testing of the product, authentication and obtaining necessary approvals from statutory bodies, development of prototypes, preparation of Know-how document, demonstration of technology, etc.

Under this scheme, NRDC provides technical as well as commercial support to inventors / scientists / technocrats/NRDC Awardee/NRDC Licensee etc. to make the developed technology marketable and acceptable to the suitable entrepreneurs. The Techno-commercial support is being provided for the following purposes –

• Improvements in prototype to make it commercially acceptable
• Carrying out field trials / testing / analysis, further studies etc.
• Preparation of a pre-feasibility report
• Preparation of video about working of the invention..
• Preparation of comprehensive know-how document.
• Demonstration of the technology

Knowledge Management System for promotion of Innovations / Technologies 

Knowledge Management System had been introduced for technology evaluation / promotion so as to provide value addition to the technologies assigned to the Corporation. After proper evaluation, value addition and licensing of the technologies and provide the entrepreneurs complete technology package, so that the large number of technologies which the Corporation license to various entrepreneurs could become success.

2. Programme for Development of Technologies for Commercialisation (PDTC)

The objective of this programme is to add value and propagate the technological developments evolving through the scientific and applied research work carried out at our R&D institutions, universities, corporate R&Ds, private inventors etc. and their successful transfer to industries through further development of the lab-scale technologies required for their successful manufacturing and marketing to achieve commercial success. The programme also aimed to export the technologies whenever possible. This programme includes value-addition of technologies for making it acceptable by the industry, dissemination of information on such developed technologies to industries for generating business for the Corporation.

I. Digital Knowledge Base – New Activity

  • Innovation Portal

The Corporation is setting up a portal that will bridge the gap between inventor, industry, manufacturers & academia and shall provide complete information related to the technology required by the small & medium entrepreneur. This portal will give information about the invention, innovator, machines manufacturers etc under a single portal and will help them to work together.
II. Technology Value Addition Programme

  • Basic Engineering Design Packages

The Corporation undertakes the development of Basic Engineering Design Package (BEDP) as value addition activity for making a complete technology package for the entrepreneur, so that setting up of the commercial plant becomes easier and the chances of success becomes high. In order to take the process to a pilot scale or to a commercial level requires a detailed study for working out the final process scheme which can be obtained through series of simulation of the laboratory scale process and then incorporating required engineering input so that the process is workable.

  • Market Survey, Techno-economic Feasibility Reports, Project Reports, DPR etc. on assigned technologies

Conducting market survey for technologies help to gather vital information about current market trends, customers, competitors, potential areas of growth, similar enterprises around the country / world, etc. In addition to the prepration of market survey reports, the Corporation also undertakes preparation techno-economic feasibility reports, project reports, DPR, etc. in order to have better idea about techno-commercial viability of projects and negotiations with industry.

  • Development Projects and Value addition for Priority Projects

The commercialisation of research work carried out at Research Institutes, Universities (Lab scale technologies) requires number of further development work like upscaling, pilot plant study, authentication/validation of the product, registration of the product under various regulatory authorities, intellectual property protection, engineering inputs, etc. Having felt necessary over the years in commercialisation of technologies the Corporation undertakes development work of the various lab scale technologies for value addition and brings it to the level acceptable to the industry for making them commercially successful.

III. Promotion of innovations in Rural & North East Regions

  • Entrepreneurship in backward and rural areas through innovative appropriate technologies – The Corporation under the programme aims to reduce the drudgery of people in their daily lives belonging to rural and backward areas of the country, facilitate new avenues of employment generation and income generating activities through S & T intervention and conducting training programmes on entrepreneurship etc. so that micro enterprises in their areas based on local resource exploitation.
  • Socio economic development of North-East
  • Enhancing shelf life of fruits and vegetables through Innovative technological intervention - New Activity
    The Corporation proposes to demonstrate, train and propagate the application of technology for extension of shelf life of fruits and vegetables identified to have potential in North-Eastern States with objective to create micro business enterprises.
  •  Certified Organic Fruit Cultivation & Processing Programme at Mizoram - New Activity
    The Corporation shall be endeavouring to promote the Certified Organic Fruit Cultivation & Processing in Mizoram by adopting organic farming and introduction of appropriate cultivation technologies and establishment of processing centres to cater premium markets
  • IV. Promotion of technology commercialisation in the country and abroad
  • The Corporation has been carrying out Dissemination of Information through R&D - Industry Interaction Meet, Support / Organise, Seminar / Workshops / study tours / conclaves, Exhibitions, Publication etc.

Exhibition, Seminar, Industry Interaction Meet provides a platform where technology providers & seekers exchanges information which paves the way for the business to the Corporation.

Scientific Publication

NRDC brings out several publications to promote its technologies and to create awareness amid people on latest technological developments. NRDC brings out a popular Science and Technology magazine – Awishkar in Hindi. This publication is aimed at fostering the spirit of inventiveness, innovativeness and entrepreneurship amongst the students, young scientists, budding entrepreneurs and the society.

Awishkar: This is a monthly science and technology magazine published in Hindi since 1971 by NRDC. The publication is designed to serve the information needs of inventors, artisans, technicians, entrepreneurs, students and general public especially in rural and technologically unprivileged areas of Hindi speaking belt and to create scientific awareness in the masses by disseminating information on S & T Topics.

In addition the Corporation also publishes various other special publications and brochures on life science technologies, dairy technologies, biotechnologies and Agro related technologies for dissemination of information on various technologies available with the Corporation for commercialization.