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(Last date for Receipt of Complete Online Application & One Signed Hard Copy by Post at NRDC Office is 28th February 2015)


  • Internet Browser
  • Email Account (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or any other)
  • Laser Printer
  • PDF Reader (


  • Patent Application, if any
  • Test Reports, if any
  • User’s Reports, if any
  • Publications, if any
  • Videos, if any
  • Any Other Document related to the Invention


  • Log-on to NRDC Website
  • Follow the instructions given on the NRDC Website carefully for filling On-line application form.
  • After filling all the details in the given fields and attaching the relevant documents press the submit button.
  • Acknowledgement will be generated after submission of the online application form. Keep it for your record.
  • Save the soft copy of your application in PDF Format for your reference and record. Take printout of the filled application form. Get the signature(s) of the Applicant(s) and Head of the Organisation. Put the rubber stamp/seal of the Head of the Institution/Organisation.  Send this hardcopy of the filled and signed application from to NRDC Office by Post.
  • It is mandatory to send the hardcopy of the filled application form to NRDC Office by Post after submission of the online application form.
  • The printed application form signed by the Applicant(s) and Head of the Institution/Organisation along withthe necessary details and the photographs in the prescribed format should reach the NRDC office on or before February 28, 2015, 5:30 pm.



National Meritorious Invention Awards - 2017


National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) on behalf of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India organising a CONTEST FOR DEMONSTRATING INNOVATIVE PROTOTYPES FOR START-UPS with an objective to encourage inventive talent in the Country.

In this regard, NRDC invites online applications from science and engineering students, and research scholars for the above contest. The selected innovative prototypes will be exhibited in the Innovate India 2018 conference. Applicants must submit a business plan and short video of innovation along with the application to take-off the idea/ prototype to a start-up needs to be enclosed.

The Last date for submission of online applications is 10th March 2018.







National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) provides Tax Free Cash Awards in the following three categories to stimulate the spirit of inventiveness among the scientific, technical persons, industrial workers, technicians, artisans, craftsman and students in order to recognize the creative talent which could be harnessed to benefit the Nation.


National Innovation Award of the Year 

  • IP Driven Innovation
  • Premium Innovation
  • Innovation in High Tech Area

Number of Awards: 2 (Max.)

Amount of Award: Rs. 5 lakh (Each)

National Societal Innovation Award of the Year 

  • Agriculture
  • Environment
  • Rural
  • Energy

Number of Awards: 3 (Max.)

Amount of Award: Rs. 3 lakh (Each) 

National Budding Innovators Award of the Year  [FOR STUDENTS ONLY]

  • Student(s) registered for Bachelors or Masters in Academic or Research Institutions, Universities or affiliated Colleges at the time of applying.
  • Maximum age limit is 28 Years
  • The application should be forwarded through Head of the Institution 

Number of Awards: 5 (Max.)

Amount of Award: Rs. 1 lakh (Each) 


National Award for Successful Commercialization of NRDC Licensed Technologies of the Year [FOR NRDC TECHNOLOGY LICENSEES ONLY]

NRDC has constituted a new award for Successful Commercialization of NRDC Licensed Technologies. The Award of Rs. 2 Lakh will be shared equally between the entrepreneur who has successfully commercialized the indigenous technology and the inventor or the Institute/University that has developed the technology and licensed it through NRDC.  If the inventor/innovator/developer of the technology himself successfully commercializes the technology, Rs.2 Lakh will be awarded to him. 

  • The award will be given only to the Licensees of NRDC whose license agreement is ACTIVE.
  • Prize Award Committee members and their families are not eligible  

Number of Awards: 1 (Max.)

Amount of Award: Rs. 2 lakh (To be shared equally between Licensee and Inventor)



Wipo Awards ( 1991 - 2011)

  • A High Performance Polymeric Syntan For Ecobenign Chrome Tanning
  • A process for the mass culture of Spirulina Algae
  • A Whole-Blood Agglutination Assay for On-site Detection of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection (HIV)
  • Advent of Titanium Complex Grease : A break through in the history of lubricating greases.
  • Area specific mineral mixture to increase productivity of Bovines
  • Automatic Continuous Energy and water conserving, Hygienic process for manufacturing improved quality Jaggery
  • Automatic Self Adjusting Spanner/Wrench.
  • Bio-Innoculant in Liquid Form with Plurality of Strains used as Liquid Fertilizer and Bio-Foliar Sprays for Augmentation of Crop Yield.
  • Chemglaze - A process for improving fatigue crack growth resistance by laser beam
  • Chemical Detectors for toxic Gases - Detector Strips, Short Term Detector Tubes & Dosimeter Tubes
  • Clean Bioprocessing of white pepper from fresh and dried black pepper (Pepper Nigrum L)
  • Continuous production of Invert Sugar ( Syrup) through Biotechnology route
  • Detergent grade zeolite-A employing sodium aluiminate liquor from alumina refinery plant of NALCO
  • Development of Mobile Fiber Extraction Machine
  • Development of neutron radiography transfer imaging technique using linear accelerator for qualification of space components
  • Development of process and machinery for spinning jute / cotton blended yarns in short staple spinning machine.
  • Eco-Friendly Novel Technology for Managing White Grubs in North West Himalayas
  • Fault current limiter for LT switchgear and appliances
  • Glass Reinforced Gypsum (GRG) Composite - A partial substitute of timber.
  • Hand Operated \\\'BABA\\\' Pump (Diaphragm Pump)
  • Manufacturing Furniture from Old Used Automotive Tyres
  • Medical Nonreusable Syringe
  • Novel process for reduction roasting of manganese ore and device theefor
  • Novel Spray Formulation based on Xanthen Dyes for Detecting Latent Finger Prints
  • Process for the Extraction of Ecdysteroid (Sampoorna) from Caryophyllaceae family of Plants
  • Process for the preparation of alumina hydrate of superior purity and fineness and process for the preparation of low soda high alpha pure alumina
  • SITRA Enerspin Drive System for Ring Spinning & Doubling Machines
  • Sketching devices for tactile graphics
  • Tractor Mounted Multipurpose Deep Trencher