Portfolio of activities


Development and Commercialization of Technologies

·                     Technical evaluation of the technology.

·                     Licensing of technologies to companies and end user organizations.

·                     Providing grants for development of Technologies to R&D laboratories for setting
up pilot plants to validate or scale-up laboratory processes prior to commercialization.

·                     Participation in equity of early stage ventures.

·                     Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) consultancy to R&D Institutes and Corporates.

·                     Export of Indian technologies / know-how and services.

·                     Execution of turnkey projects abroad based on indigenous technologies.


Promotion and Commercialization of Inventions

·               Awarding meritorious inventions

·               Assisting inventors in patenting and commercializing their inventions.

·               Popularization of science highlighting inventions by bringing out magazines
“Invention Intelligence” (bi-monthly) in English and “Awishkar” (monthly) in Hindi.

Promotion & Development of Household & Rural Technology

·               To identify, prove and demonstrate selected rural & household technologies.

·               Assisting in commercialization of selected rural & household technologies.

Promotion of Export  of Technology

·               Projecting India as a source of technology.

·               Providing Patent Protection to promote export of major Indian products &
technologies by filing patents abroad.

·               Participation in international exhibitions, workshops, seminars, symposia.

·               To prepare catalogues, brochures, multimedia CDs of the technologies suitable for export 

·               Carry out Knowledge Management System (KMS), wherein a group of experts
evaluate the technologies and suggests further modifications for value-addition to
technologies in order to make them more competitive in the domestic / international

·               To prepare feasibility reports and basic engineering design packages for the
facilitation of licensees.

Dissemination of Information on Technology Transfer

·               Providing information on indigenous and foreign technologies to industry.

·               Organizing training programs related to Technology Development and Transfer.

·               Participating in exhibition, publishing periodicals, arranging audiovisuals to
popularize indigenous technologies, both at home and abroad.